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Adverts & Sponsorships

It’s a rare occurrence, but I may accept sponsored content on hayleyjoeann.com, which means that I am financially compensated to publish a campaign or article. Any financially compensated feature that I publish will feature ‘AD’ in the title of blog posts, at the start of Instagram captions or in the description box on YouTube videos. I only ever work with brands that I love on campaigns and features, ones that I feel are relevant to the content I make.

Collaborations & Gifts

On occasion I may be asked to be involved in a collaboration or offered to be sent an item as a gift. If my content features a (unpaid) collaboration or gift I will put an * in the blog post title or YouTube video title – followed by copy in the body/description box explaining the collaboration or gifted item. If I am posting on Instagram, the caption will start with the words gifted and/or collaboration. I will only take part in a collaboration or accept a gift that I feel is relevant to the content I make and that would fit within my content plan.

I do my absolute best to be transparent and honest with all gifts, collaborations and paid opportunities. Your trust in me is what matters most.

Cookies & Copyright

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Everything on hayleyjoeann.com has been created by me (Hayley Owen) unless otherwise stated. Please do not use any photos or content without asking my permission. You can contact me via hayley@hayleyjoeann.com Thanks!

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