May 25, 2019

What’s in my handbag? (City break edition)

When looking for the perfect backpack to take on my trip to Barcelona, there was only one place to go. Now that I live in Swindon, I can swing by the Swindon Designer Outlet whenever I want! What a luxury.

I picked up this super cute, super small (but not too small) black backpack from the Fiorelli store in the outlet for the bargain price of £25. There are lots of small compartments in the back and a (now not so) secret one on the back. This backpack was exactly what I was looking for to take with me around Barcelona. What’s in my bag I hear you ask? Well, let me tell you…

This backpack fits everything I need. When you’re on a city break you’re out of your hotel room for hours on end so you need stuff. Stuff to see you through the day.

Purse – I put my money in the secret pocket at the back so that it was closest to me
Make up – I dropped the essential top up pieces in the compartments in the backpack
Hand santizer and hand cream – small travel/sample sizes are ideal for trips like this
Tissues – as the queen of allergies, it’s always good to come prepared
Camera – because you can’t go on a city break without a camera!  My Olympus pen doesn’t take up too much room in this bag which meant I had plenty of space for…
My phone – because who goes anywhere without their phone?
Headache tablets – I’m forever getting headaches so these are always a must
Water – a small bottle of water stands up perfectly in this size backpack
Sun cream – safety first!

I am obsessed with this backpack and it has and will continue to have its uses after Barcelona. It’s quickly become a go to handbag for me because it’s so easy. It’s easy to style, easy to pack and easy to sling over your shoulder and head out of the front door without a second thought about ‘if it goes’. Because it goes with the entire style of my wardrobe.

My top (and very important) tip for backpack wearing in Barcelona is to not always wear it on your back. A small backpack like this is easily worn on your side or front to make sure you’ve got eyes on the opening. This will help you avoid getting pick pocketed – something that is pretty scary in Barcelona! I wore this backpack on my back, side and front on this trip – dependant on where I was. I wanted to be safe.

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