May 13, 2019

My working from home essentials


Welcome to my working from home essentials.

A few months ago I started a new job, which is home based. I’ve had some previous experience in working from home so for me, it wasn’t a transition I was worried about. Working from home isn’t for everyone as some dislike the idea in general and others fear they’ll be isolated and unproductive. For me? I love it. I really enjoy my own company as well as the peace and quiet and home comforts. I am a ‘proper home bird’, as they say. In my job, there are people to chat to at the touch of a button and there’s always so much for me to be reading, writing and thinking about. The hours whiz by.

Every morning before I head to my desk I gather up my daily essentials.¬†This could ultimately be a ‘what’s in my work handbag’ if I left the house, right?

My Chilly bottle
I need a constant supply of water. It’s my favourite drink and I’m on a mission to drink as much as I can in the day. Yes, this does mean I pee what feels like 100 times a day, but my skin is looking great and I put that down to the 2L of water I (try) to always drink. I have the white chilly bottle which you can find, here.

Mid morning snack
When I make my way from breakfast to my desk, of course I am already thinking about a mid morning snack. I love snacks so I grab a banana or a rice cake to bring to my desk. I’ve always been that person that needs a morning snack as there’s approximately 5 hours between breakfast and my lunch break. That’s a long time to go without a snack, right?!

Hand cream
I have always found that hand cream and nail painting are best done when you’re committed to being at a computer. If I didn’t sit and type, I’d get my nail varnish all over the place and fluff sticking to my hand cream. I can’t stop myself from doing tasks. You could put that down to the fact I am a busy person but the truth is, I am just impatient. I love hand cream (because it’s nice but also because my hands are always dry) so I’ve always got one nearby.

Nail Oil
Similar to hand cream, being committed to typing is a great time to nourish your cuticles. I pop a bit of nail oil every morning whilst my computer boots up for the day. I picked up a cheapish one from Amazon awhile back and it’s great. An underrated product I didn’t think I needed but now adore.

iPhone holder
My bamboo phone holder from Ikea gets used daily. I like to be able to see notifications, news headlines and whats app messages pop up on my phone throughout the day. I feel like I am in the loop with the world within my phone without having to dive into it all the time. It’s also great when I am getting ready on the weekend and I want to watch YouTube videos – that was the main reason I bought it!

Lip balm
Lip balm speaks for itself really. I used to never leave the house without a lip balm and now I never head to my desk without one. I own about a thousand (forever losing and then finding them) but I have my firm favourite, Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. Forever my favourite.

And those are my essentials! I can guarantee you that every day that I am at my desk, all these items are sitting right infront of me.

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