April 3, 2019

A personal catch up

I thought it was about time we had a catch up.

I’ve been dropping snippets of ‘life information’ on social media for awhile but I decided it was about time for a little personal catch up. I promise to keep it short (ish) but sweet.

Lets start by talking about my job, as that’s where I spend 40+ hours of my week! I have a brand spanking new job as a Social Media Manager at Krystal Hosting, which I am one month into and absolutely loving. I feel (hopefully a mutual feeling) that I’ve just clicked into the role and with the people. I’m feeling very settled already and I love my colleagues. There’s a lot to learn about website hosting, because lets face it, I’m not that clued up – but I’m excited for it. I look forward to starting work everyday and that’s a feeling worth having.

I won’t go into detail about why I left my other job but lets just say, it was miserable. I’m proud of myself for sticking it out for 10 months (mostly with the hope things would change/my immediate perception was wrong) but at the end of the day, you’ve got to walk away from negative people and negative vibes.

Can I get a ‘hell yea!”.

Now, lets talk about how excited I am to be moving this month!

After almost 2 years of driving back and forth on weekends and with a cheeky mid week sleepover, I am over the moon to be able to say I get to see my boyfriend, Matt, everyday. I’m relocating to Swindon (I say with gritted teeth… kidding!) to be with him and his fur baby, Shadow. I never thought I’d live in Swindon of all places (not even when I first met Matt!) but the love of my life is there (Matt, not the dog) and I’ve got friends and “family-in-law” there, so it’s the perfect location. Plus Swindon Outlet is pretty great.

It’s not a major distance from where I live now but it’ll still take some getting used to.

My family aren’t far, so I can jump in the car for 50 minutes or hop on a train for 20 minutes. My friends are dotted all over the places so nothing changes there, I’ll still travel to see the people I love. I’ve been back and forth from my mums house my entire adult life but this time, it’s sticking. See ya later childhood bedroom, you’ve served me well and I am blessed you were so huge to accommodate all my crap!

I guess my final bit of news (if you can call it that?) is that I am now living the gluten free life.

After a lifetime of stomach issues, allergies, trials and tests – I have finally been told to go gluten free. It’s been a total game changer since I started cutting out all gluten about 2 months ago. Ideally, I’m not meant to eat much dairy either but I’ve been having a little bit (sorry doctor) now I’m GF and I am finding I am able to endure small amounts again. Nothing major though, I won’t be inhaling an entire cheese board anytime soon but I can’t tell you how much I missed having a little cheese on my burger. It’s been a challenge going GF, eating out is the hardest part without a doubt. I seem to only eat at Nando’s but I’m cool with that. So, Nandos if you’re reading this, sponsor me please? I love chicken. (wink wink, nudge nudge).


I have to say that throughout all the exciting news, happy decisions and lack of gluten, not everything is so peachy in life. It almost felt dishonest to allow the assumption to you reading this that my life was only full of ups and no downs. From mental health to physical health, from illnesses to stress, there’s always a lot going on behind what you see and hear. Social media is a big smoke screen of happiness, whether we mean it to be or not. I think it’s important to understand life isn’t always what you see on the internet.


With that said, I appreciate you joining me for a personal catch up. I wouldn’t even consider myself a blogger at this rate as I’m terrible at uploading to my blog. I spend all my time scrolling through Instagram and Twitter whilst watching Netflix. With the house move being a new chapter, I’m hoping to get some of my thoughts and ideas onto paper (aka my macbook) as I will have the space, the time and a live-in photographer boyfriend. Lucky him.

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