January 29, 2019

AD* – Goodbye Christmas weight, hello healthy.

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Banbury Gateway Retail Park health eating Hayley Joeann Eating less meat is one of my New Years resolutions and as I was carrying a little Christmas weight, I decided to combine them together for a healthy-less-meat-eating January. That meant cutting out the snacks, lessening my meat intake and getting those steps in. So when Banbury Retail Park got in touch to collaborate on the topic of healthy eating with Marks and Spencer, it was excellent timing for me.

I went along to do a little food shop in Marks and Spencer’s in Banbury Retail Park and picked up some delicious healthy meals and absolutely rinsed the new vegan range.

Banbury Gateway Retail Park health eating Hayley Joeann

It sounds a bit narrowed minded but because I put meat with every meal, I had no idea what to substitute it with. More vegetables? Surely not. I went straight for the vegan range so that I didn’t have to go ‘cold turkey’ (excuse the pun, haha) on eating meat.

I picked up vegan chicken and vegetable patty burgers instead of meat and actually, they were an absolutely amazing alternative to meat. I didn’t even miss meat! I was experiencing new flavours and more vegetables.

I honestly have been having such delicious and healthy meals. Sweet Potato falafel, chickpea and sweet corn burgers, beetroot burgers, vegan chicken, butternut squash risotto and more. I’m finding myself interested and enjoying eating healthy. Shock! Making a meal out of non meat ingredients was easier than I thought.

Banbury Gateway Retail Park health eating Hayley Joeann

Marks and Spencer’s on the retail park has so much fresh food on display. As soon as I walked through the door I instantly filled my trolley up with colourful fruit and vegetables, without even a second thought for the unhealthy food I was in the habit of going for. Seeing everything look all delicious filled me with meal inspiration and I felt ready to cook vegetables with my meals. And guys… I lost 3 pounds in one week of healthy eating. What a win. Goodbye Christmas weight, hello healthy.

You’ll probably know I’m a lover of Banbury Gateway Retail Park. Great shops, easy parking, healthy options at Marks and Spencer’s as well as Costa and Starbucks. And if you’re feeling naughty, a McDonalds! But I’m avoiding that for the time being. (Cheeseburgers I miss you).

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with Banbury Gateway Retail Park and to share with you my experience there. Whether that’s food shopping or clothes shopping (I love all types of shopping, after all).

Thinking of visiting Banbury Gateway Retail Park? See what they have to offer on their website, here.

P.s it’s so hard to pull off looking cool pushing a trolley – haha.


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