January 13, 2019

Getting through the January blues and starting the year

I’m very undecided on the term ‘January blues’, but if it describes the awkward lull at the start of every new year – then I’ll accept that title. But I’m not necessarily feeling blue – I’m just feeling out of the loop, out of practice and out of ideas.

“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order” – John Burroughs

There’s a reason I have this quote tattooed on the top of my thigh, it resonates with me. Hard. I’ve spent more time outside in the fresh air since the beginning of 2019 then I did for most of the winter period. I find it puts my thoughts in order and helps me get a grip on what’s going on around me – I make my best decisions outside. I’ve decided to get my “shit together” and put my excitement up a few gears as after all, I’ve got a really exciting year ahead of me.

I’ve made a list (or five), added dates into the calendar and started jotting ideas and thoughts down in my new blog journal. Lists are great for getting yourself organised and if you’re anything like me, you like to add one thing you’ve already completed onto that list. For me it makes starting that dreaded list a little easier. Is that cheating?

I’ve started to feel like I’ve got my head around the things that I need to do at the start of this year and that is drumming up some excitement in me. I’ve budgeted my wages as much as I can for my year already. I mean, it really does depend what killer trends appear in Spring. I joke, I joke, I’m on a mission to save and if you see me in a store with an excessive amount of clothing draped over my arm and heading to the fitting room – you have full permission to whack me over the head with a hanger (preferably plastic not wooden).

I’m feeling ready for 2019 and all it has to offer. I’ve got some big changes pending and I’ve decided to really put my all into my blog for the final time (bet ya have heard that before!). If I can’t stay in love with it for all of 2019 then we are going to have to unfortunately break up. But I’m feeling positive and I’m feeling fresh. I’m also feeling excited.

I’ve got my plans, my thoughts and my resolutions. Let’s see how this goes my friends.

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