September 16, 2018

AD* Come Shopping With Me At Banbury Gateway Retail Park

Shopping is my cardio, my therapy and my favourite hobby. From food to clothes, I love it all.

Minus shopping for basic underwear, that can be a total drag. When I was kindly invited along to Banbury Gateway Retail Park, I jumped at the opportunity. Retail parks are my happy place and having been to Banbury Gateway before, I knew it was one worth visiting again. For me, Banbury is a little bit of a drive but not one I’m unhappy to make. The retail park has a lot of shops I’m very much in love with, therefore it’s completely worth the 40 minute drive.

If you adore high street fashion, an M&S food hall and a cheeky double cheeseburger from McDonalds – then I highly recommend you swing by this Retail Park. It’s a great alternative to the hustle and bustle of Oxford City Centre. If they added a Home Sense, I would be there every weekend! Oh how I’m obsessed with homeware for a house I don’t have yet… hint hint Banbury.

Banbury Gateway Retail Park is a good day out.

Well, maybe half a day out for normal shoppers and a full day for a shopper like me who spends a significant (or ridiculous) amount of time in each shop.

Outfit is a store that’s so underrated. Who doesn’t love Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge and more being all under one roof? (Hands up if the Toys R US advert just came into your head just then!). It makes for very easy and accessible shopping as well as minimising the amount of times you take your clothes off in different fitting rooms!

The River Island store has a great selection and is so well laid out. Then you’ve got Next, New Look and Primark… and more! Special mention to the Primark which is big, tidy (praise the lord) and full of great pieces. You’d never leave stressed or empty handed.

Autumn fashion is out in full force and I am just waiting for the warm weather to realise that I am done with it now. I am ready for cosy jumpers, cute boots and a pumpkin spiced life. I’m enjoying the amount of texture and leopard print in this season. September is my favourite time to hit the shops for transitional pieces for my wardrobe and Banbury Gateway Retail Park had so much to offer.

I picked up a few bits on my trip, obviously. I did have to have some self control this month (bills to pay and all that) however I’m not sure my boyfriend would agree I did with the amount I still came home with (oops!). Want to know what I picked up? Watch my come shopping with my video here.

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*Thank you to Banbury Gateway Retail Park who sponsored this post. All words are my own, I just love shopping*

Visit the Banbury Gateway Retail Park here.

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