July 29, 2018

Finding Your Niche In An Over Saturated Blogging Market

Do you remember that Cosmopolitan interview with Sarah Ashcroft that ruffled a few feathers? I do. I remember how I wasn’t bothered in the slightest, as she had a point. If you own a camera phone and a computer, you’ve got yourself a blogging starter kit. It’s so easy and accessible these days that everyone is doing it. If you’re in it for the right reasons, who cares about the ‘over saturation’. You don’t go for a job interview as the only candidate, do you? If you want to be seen and heard, you’ve got to work for it. If you’re in it for the wrong reasons, naturally you won’t get far because you’re not willing to try as hard as someone who has real gumption. No one is going to get a million quid and a Miss Guided clothing collaboration over night.

If you’re honest and passionate your natural enthusiasm will shine through your words. I’ve watched many bloggers start out as beauty bloggers and morph into the topics of travel or food because that’s where their interest truly laid. Sometimes that change happens because they change as people, of course, but I think if we were really honest, we’d admit they started a beauty blog because they thought it was what was expected.

With anything in life, do it for the right reasons. Write a blog if you want to write a blog, don’t give a toss about anything else. Find your passion, find your niche and be creative. Write about and photograph things you’re interested in, that’s your niche. You don’t have to have a beauty or fashion blog because that’s what everyone else has, you don’t need to write a fitness blog because that’s a hot topic right now. Just write about things that interest you and if you’ve got a knack for writing, people will read it.

I started writing my beauty blog because I bought a lot of products trying to find what worked for my sensitive skin. I wanted to share my knowledge and my journey. I did it for awhile, became a bit bored, tried again and then stopped. I found I wasn’t buying as much because my skin was changing and I was finding products that worked. The topic of blog vanished. However, I realised I liked writing about topics that popped into my head and I’ve always been interested in fashion which is why I based five years of study around it. I started taking photos of my outfits for Instagram for fun and found that I really enjoyed it. Ta-da, there’s my niche. It’s merely just something I like doing.

Dress: Tesco – from the swimwear section, lolz.

Bag: Zara

Shoes: H&M

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