July 17, 2018

How to create a workwear wardrobe*

For almost two years, I wore trainers and jeans to work. I didn’t have a work wear wardrobe because my wardrobe was my work wear. Casual outfits 7 days a week was nice but I fell out of love with my clothing as it was all a daily option. Nothing felt special and I always found by the time the weekend arrived, all my best bits were in the washing basket.

When I started my new job in Digital Marketing, I had to go on a huge shopping spree for clothes. All of a sudden I realised I had nothing to wear. For once I wasn’t just having my monthly meltdown of “I have nothing to wear”. I actually didn’t have much, if anything at all, that I could wear to my new job. But, I didn’t panic. I was prepared to shop! There are some excellent brands out there for work wear who I may not have looked twice at in my previous job but now they’re my main focus. For example, Warehouse*. Warehouse is a brand that have so many beautiful pieces, my basket is always full of holiday playsuits.

As well as buying new pieces (which I loved every second of) I decided to make my current clothing work too. I’m a casual dresser but found my occasional selection of clothing was a saviour for me. I started wearing outfits to work that I’d previously worn to weddings and birthdays. Who’d have thought? My definition of getting ‘dressed up’ isn’t the same as everyone else’s therefore, my occasional wear became my workwear wardrobe. This was quite nice as the outfits I had made me feel good and confident.

I’m a casual but smart kind of girl for fancy occasions. Jumpsuits are always my go to as they’re so comfortable and easy to style.

My work wardrobe quickly started to take shape and my casual clothing was finally left for the weekend. I had a few pieces (new and old!) that worked perfectly for my new job and I have to say, it’s nice not wearing jeans and trainers everyday anymore.

Here is a sneak peak into my Warehouse wish list! I’m obsessed with dresses and jumpsuits as they’re oh so perfect.

*This was a collaborative post

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