July 13, 2018

Review: Victors In Oxford

Victors has been the most talked about restaurant to hit the rooftop at the Westgate Centre in Oxford. It’s beautiful decor, instagram worthy back drops, delicious cocktails and to die for view over Oxford meant it was always going to be a hot topic. I was very grateful to be given the chance to try Victors out on a hot Sunday afternoon and I had the best seat in the house. Literally. Apparently where I was sitting was a highly requested table.

I wasn’t sure what to expect on my arrival because although I’d heard great things, I’d also heard some not so great things. Local newspapers hadn’t exactly giving it a glowing 5* review but I’m one to make up my own mind.

The decoration lived up to the hype, for sure. Beautiful open bar space, lots of lavender coming down the walls and stunning (yet comfortable!) arm chairs. It was very well presented, even down the cutlery. It was all very beautiful.

The menu is a mixed style of tapas dishes intwined with feeling like you’re in the Hamptons, in New York. The mix of styles I thought was questionable but it worked. It was actually hard to decide what to order because it all sounded so great. That’s rare for me! I ordered a selection of tapas dishes (lobster, lamb and chicken) to start with, alongside a delicious mojito.

Here is where I have to be honest. We were told that “the food comes out when it’s ready, like tapas, so don’t expect it all once”. A fact I was already familiar with, as I am an avid tapas eater. However, the dishes came out very, very, very far apart. It took a noticeably long time and I started to lose my hunger a bit. I was disappointed I didn’t get to enjoy the dishes in a closer proximity of time but nevertheless, it was enjoyable when it did arrive.

For a main course I ordered Salmon and char grilled broccoli and it was lovely. My mum however ordered the crispy Asian duck and she was disappointed. We expressed to the staff that the duck was very dry and they were so understanding and kind. My mum didn’t get to enjoy any of it and I felt guilty as I’d brought her out on a girls date.

The staff offered another dish but by this point, we’d been there 2 hours and felt only like finishing up and heading back out into the sun.

I think we were unlucky with our food, as I know that others haven’t had the same experience as me. Infact, I’ve heard amazing things about the sushi and the pizza!

The timings of our meals I can only assume we’re down to the busy staff and the crispy duck was just an unfortunate order. No restaurant is perfect every time. The staff, I take my hat off to, they’re great. Very kind, very understanding and very happy to help. The assistance I had to my allergy to nuts was excellent and the cocktails were delicious too! Despite the fact the food side of my visit wasn’t 10/10, I wouldn’t rule out going back. It was a nice afternoon and a nice place to be. I’d be more inclined to try food there on a weekday and head to the bar on a weekend.

I’d absolutely recommend heading in to Victors to see what the fuss is about. Perhaps just choose a less hectic time of day.


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