July 1, 2018

June Edition: What I’ve Loved This Month

June Edition: What I've Loved This Month Hayley Joeann

Once upon a time I tried to make ‘monthly beauty favourite’ videos, but they were hard work.

Welcome to my June Edition: What I’ve Loved This Month.

When making videos before, I found my favourite beauty products didn’t “change monthly” and after awhile, I struggled. I tried to include more lifestyle like items into my videos to fill them out, but this didn’t work. Although, I sacked off the idea of monthly favourite videos. Yet here I am with a blog post and you may wonder why. Please don’t expect these every month, they’ll definitely be sporadic. Everyone once in awhile I will collect everything I’ve loved in one month whether it be beauty, homeware, food, drinks or a Netflix series. I want to share the things I’ve been loving again.

Marks & Spencer’s Peppermint Tea

This tea is amazing for my IBS. My bloating can be painful and stressful but it’s help with this tea. I’ve tried other Peppermint teas and I have to say, Marks and Spencer make the most delicious one.

Optrex Soothing Eye Drops For Itchy Eyes

Praise the lord for eye drops in Hayfever season. These eyedrops have been getting me through my super itchy eyed mornings and soothing me well into the afternoon. A hero product I cannot be without at the moment.

Dried Apricots

How did I not know how yummy these were? I am allergic to a lot of fruit, but dried fruit and tinned fruit is a whole other ballgame. I cannot stop munching on dried apricots. They’re a great alternative to sweets for me, as I love to snack. They’re chewy and sweet which satisfies me and keeps me away from the pick n mix stand.

Gluten Free Cornflakes

IBS life means cutting out things that make me bloat. I am still trying to figure that out but as and when, I’m trying to cut out wheat, dairy and gluten. These cornflakes (with a bit of sugar) are SO delicious. They actually taste like normal cornflakes and I feel like I am not sacrificing taste by picking the gluten free option.

Love Island

It wouldn’t be right to have a favourites blog post and not mention this great show. It’s only just got great, the first few weeks were rather dull. It’s finally kicking off on my TV screen and I love it.

Tiger Balm

At the end of May, I had a little bit of a heat exhaustion accident and passed out at a day festival. I scratched my face and hurt my neck, quick badly. Tiger Balm is something I’ve heard of through friends in my old job (this is funny to say now that I have a new job!) so I picked some up! It’s a bit like deep heat and really helped my neck muscles. Big fan.

Thanks for reading my June edition of what I’ve loved this month!

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