May 14, 2018

Bloom into Spring with Gucci

It’s not often that I change my perfume.

It takes the perfect scent to make it into my perfume collection, which at the moment is a current total of three. Bloom by Gucci is the latest perfume to join the Gucci range, it was love at first scent.

“The bottle is not designed to seduce men, but to keep company with the women that wear the perfume”. Alessandro Michele, Gucci Creative Director.

I’m not perfume note expert by any means, but that’s why we have the internet. The notes within Bloom are Rangoon Creeper, natural Tuberose absolute and Jasmine bud extract. I’d normally consider a perfume which had a very rich floral scent to smell quite girly and not at all my kind of style. But Bloom takes the rich floral scent to a powerful yet contemporary place. It’s a scent that makes you feel sophisticated and confident. Funny how a smell can do that, right?

As well as having fallen in love with the perfume scent (and the millennial pink packaging), I fell for the campaign too. Bloom celebrates the diversity and authenticity of the women of Gucci. The idea behind the campaign is to show the scent can be worn during the day in the city but can alter to suit an urban evening environment, it can adapt and take you anywhere. Anyone can wear this perfume and it can take you somewhere that does not exist, somewhere that is purely imagined. That is a concept I can definitely get on board with, it seems to magical. Everything from the campaign stood out to me, from the meaning, to the images, to the film created. You can read more about the campaign online, here.

This scent is the third to join my collection, it’s a keeper.

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