May 1, 2018

My favourite influencers

In my opinion, a successful influencer makes you feel like their friend. They incise you, make you feel invested but also connected. You feel apart of their journey and apart of their world. You can’t help but buy into them (mentally and physically). There are a small number of influencers online who genuinely have my full attention, almost everything they say I am interested in and I digest all the information they have to offer. I look up to them, appreciate them and favour them. I fan girl (I’m human after all) and wish I could pick their influencer brain over a coffee, better yet, a gin.

With that, I wanted to share with you the influencers who have my full attention.

Chloe from The Little Plum

What a delightful human. She’s funny, down to earth and so so sweet. Chloe writes one of my favourite blogs of all time. Her posts are so relatable and real, I constantly find myself nodding in agreement (and amusement!) as I read. She dresses like a chic queen and is my photography goals. You can tell she’s not afraid to be herself and I like that, a lot.

Anna from The Anna Edit

I’ve adored Anna for a really long time. Her wardrobe is what I base my (pending) capsule wardrobe on and because of her, I am constantly in debate about giving my brunette hair the chop. Anna is funny, honest and normal. The description normal can fall a bit flat and maybe seem a tad offensive but that’s one of the reasons I adore her. She’s a normal young women who is relatable. That’s what I look for in an influencer. Skincare and beauty advice from Anna is advice I am quick to listen to. When she uploaded her skincare products to instastories I’d already screenshot them all before I even knew what was really going on. This girl’s got it down.

Emily from Style Lobster 

I remembered the first time Emily spoke to me on twitter, I had a major fan girl moment. Now she follows me on Instagram and I am so unbelievably stoked about it – I won’t even attempt to act cool about that. Emily is full of wit, sass and kindness. She is literally the sexiest person I (internet) know. If I could have an ounce of this woman’s confidence, I’d be living the dream. She gives me all the feels to be a strong independent woman, that’s for sure. I love the variety that Emily brings to her space on the internet and I’m fully addicted to all she has to say. What to watch some amazing lookbooks on Youtube? Head over to Emily’s channel – she kills it.


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