April 13, 2018

Want a statement coat? Shop at Primark

Want a statement coat? Shop at Primark - Hayley JoeannWant a statement coat? Shop at Primark - Hayley JoeannWant a statement coat? Shop at Primark - Hayley Joeann

I shop at Primark for one thing only, coats.

My style is pretty minimal and chic (if I do say so myself). I love jeans and a fancy basic, paired with something to give my look a bit of a statement. More often than not, that statement piece is a coat. A coat completely changes up an outfit for me as it can take the most basic look and turn it into something a bit more fashionable and desirable.

Coats are an expensive item to keep buying as the seasons and styles change. So, if you want a statement coat? Shop at Primark

I don’t really shop in Primark anymore, for many reasons, but I do make a few stops into Primark each time the seasons change. I am working on a capsule wardrobe and purchasing items of a stronger and better quality, so that they last longer. However, that’s with normal clothing – jackets and coats don’t fall under that rule for me. I find that having a collection of coats gives me so many options to change up my outfits. I am always on the hunt for my next statement piece.

I do invest in some good quality coats, don’t get me wrong, everyone needs a waterproof that will actually keep the water out but I find that I can be a little less focused on quality and more focused on style when it comes to Primark coats. If I am honest, it’s the more for my money factor as I am not necessarily going to wear the same coat every day. I want as many styles as possible for intermittent wearing and so it doesn’t matter too much on ‘how long it’ll last me’.

I have a good selection of Primark coats but my favourite one has to be my brown boyfriend coat. I’ve had this coat for such a long time, possibly 6 years, which is crazy when you think about it. Yes, it’s a bit bobbly in places and yes, it’s got a bit of wear and tear but because I don’t wear it every single day, it’s latest. This classic style coat never goes out of style and whenever the weather starts to get colder, I bring it out of storage immediately.

I recently picked up a new coat from Primark, watch this space. It’s a stunner!

If bargain coats and jackets are of interest to you, check out the jacket that cost me £1!


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