April 11, 2018

Skincare routine for sensitive and Eczema prone skin – Hayley Joeann

Skincare routine for sensitive and Eczema prone skin - Hayley Joeann

I have a skincare routine which I am really enjoying right now.

For one person, I have a lot of different skin types. My routine is soothing to my sensitive skin, hydrating to my dry skin and a constant attempt at keeping my allergy and eczema prone skin under control. I’ve created a skincare routine for sensitive and Eczema prone skin as I was struggling with the condition of mine. I’ve scrapped a lot of products and narrowed it down to the ones I can’t live without – the simpler the better. This has helped improve the way my eczema looked, the way it felt on my face and it has stopped any harsh red flare ups. I slightly miss the fun of multiple fancy products but sometimes you’ve got to cut the nonsense and keep it simple when you have sensitive skin.

To remove make up

From the Body Shop I am using the Camomile cleansing butter and it’s dreamy. It melts the make up off my face and makes it so easy to wipe away with a muslin cloth. No scrubbing or harshness, perfect.

To moisturise my face

To moisturise my face in the morning, I alternate the use of two products. The first is on prescription from the Doctors and called Epimax which is just a moisturer for eczema and Psoriasis prone skin. The second moisturiser is from La Roche-Posay and is from the Toleraine range, for soothing and hydrating intolerant skin. Very rich, very nourishing and a firm favourite!

For the evening, I alternate between Epimax and Elizabeth Arden Visible difference cream, which has been a long standing obsession of mine. I’ve talked about it a lot over my blog, read about my thoughts on it here.

To moisture my under eyes

For my under eyes at night, I use the midnight recovery eye cream from Kiehl’s. I started using this on a whim, it’s not that I need younger looking eyes but I figured as I am on the wrong side of my twenties, I needed to start looking after my under eyes. This hydrates my under eye area but doesn’t do much else, right now. I am hoping if I keep using this (longer than the 2 months I have been) that it’ll battle against ageing. It’s not a harsh product and does hydrate, so I am enjoying it. Fingers crossed I took 25 years old when I hit 30.

To moisturise my skin

When it comes to washing my body, it’s an odd thing washing with a cream in the shower but that’s what the doctor recommended as a second use of Epimax. I wash with this cream and moisturise with it too. For an alternative product I turn to Aveeno Daily Moisturising lotion if I fancy a thinner texture and a different (natural) smell when I moisturise. It’s all about preference on the day and sometimes what is within reach. I’m not going to lie to you, I can be a tad lazy in the mornings. But I also know what works and these work for me.

And that my friends, is my skincare routine for sensitive and Eczema prone skin.

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