April 4, 2018

Hair care routine for damaged hair

This is not the first time hair care has been a topic on my blog. I’m always looking for the best way to take care of my hair and when I find something that works, I have to share. Mid way through Autumn/Winter last year, I decided to ditch the fake tan which ultimately left me questioning my blonde hair. I decided to go dark and enjoy the brunette and natural look once again. I also thought it would do my hair some good to avoid bleach with this new colour as maintaining blonde is not only super expensive but super damaging to hair. My hair, yet again, was in a really bad condition so I had to work on creating a hair care routine for damaged hair.

Here are my tips for bringing damaged hair back to life:

I realised, alongside hair products, that there was more I needed to do to revive my damaged hair. Hair is affected by what we put into our bodies, as well as what we do to the hair itself. I started to drink more water (1.5 litres minimum a day) and I ate healthier foods to provide my body with my nutrients.

My hair care routine has changed a lot but something that hasn’t changed as much, is the products. I wrote a blog post over year ago (which you can read here) and I still use most of those products in my day to day routine.

The night before I wash my hair, I cover the ends of my hair and a little bit of the roots in 3 Minute Miracle Colour by Aussie. I leave this on overnight in a high top knot and wash off in the morning. When I wash my hair in the morning I rinse out the treatment and then wash my hair twice with Aveeno Skin Relief Shampoo. Sometimes I might add a little conditioner to the ends after but more often than not, I don’t. Before drying my hair I put some Elvive Extraordinary Oil through the ends and then spray my hair with V05 Sleek Blow Dry Heat Protector. I blow dry my hair straight and then finish off with a little more oil. On good blow dry days, I don’t need to straighten my hair but sometimes my “straight blow dry” goes totally wrong and I end up straightening the front of my hair to fix it. I don’t wash my hair again until the 3rd day but in-between these days I use Aussie dry shampoo on the roots and Bed Head Ego Boost on the ends. I find these products keeps my roots from getting too greasy too fast but the ends of my hair nourished.

And that is how I revived my damaged hair from too much bleaching and how I am maintaining healthy hair. If anyone has any tips, please do let me know!

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