March 28, 2018

Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick Review: Topped With Brandy

Mac Liquid Lipstick Review: Topped With Brandy

I am trying to get more wear out of my purchases from clothes to make up, starting with my lipsticks. I’m trying to be less wasteful and more appreciative of what I have before I purchase more. As I am wearing more of what I own, I thought wearing more lipsticks would be a perfect opportunity to review them. Last year my lipstick collection grew dramatically and I couldn’t wear them fast enough, so here we are.

I started my Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick collection with ‘Lady Be Good’ which I really liked. From there, I purchased more and more. However the darker I went with the colours, the less in love with them I was. On first impressions from the bottle, ‘Topped With Brandy’ looks like it would be a dark nude/pink. But when on the lips, it is actually a dark purple shade. The colour difference from the bottle to application is crazy and I have to admit, I was disappointed with the true colour.

Liquid lipsticks are naturally quite a dry product and out of all the brands I have tried, Mac is the most drying. I find you can get away with how dry it is with the lighter shades but with the darker shades there is no hiding it. You can see all the details on your lips, every single line. Dark lipstick shades don’t wear very nicely or naturally normally and there’s no hope with the fading of a dark liquid lipstick. After eating and drinking you’re left with a patchy lip and it’s not easy to touch up. I found myself having to fully removed and reapply, which is more effort than it’s worth.

I found, because of the formula and the dark shade, you can only apply one layer and not multiples. Any form of product up build up causes the product to be bitty and feel quite hard. I also found if you didn’t nail the first application in one go, you couldn’t go back and add to it. If you did, you’d clearly be able to see where you’d corrected yourself. I even used the Prep and Prime lip product before applying and it really didn’t make any difference to how to product looked or lasted. I suffer with dry lips but when trying this product, my lips were hydrated and I went to the lengths of extra preparation for this product with the Prep and Prime. Yet, the product made my lips look so dehydrated.

Despite the colour not being what I wanted at all and the longevity of it being terrible – I was a fan of the colour and look in a selfie, just not in real life.

I would always recommend giving something a go if you want to and reading multiple reviews because everyone is different. However, it’s important to know the colour in the bottle isn’t the colour you’ll expect. I won’t be reaching for this product anytime soon and will most likely pass it off to friends or family to try (or wear it for a fun selfie!) but I am still quite fond of my lighter shades, as you can get away with the dryness.

In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend this range of liquid lipsticks for those with dry lips.

Mac Liquid Lipstick Review: Topped With Brandy

Mac Liquid Lipstick Review: Topped With Brandy

Here’s my review on the colour Lady Be Good…

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