February 7, 2018

An Unpopular Opinion On Blogging

I have an unpopular opinion on blogging. There, I said it.

It’s not an overall unpopular opinion, I think the blogging world is a pretty incredible place (when everyone isn’t battling with one another), but I do hold some opinions deep within me that I know are unpopular. My thoughts are mainly around hypes, the things some bloggers do and statements that are made. We’ve all got things that annoy us so here’s my unpopular opinion, on blogging. Please try not to be offended, it’s my opinion and this is very tongue in cheek and expressed in my oh so humorous way.

Like for like, comment for comment, share for share.

This pains me, so much. I strongly believe in liking, sharing and commenting on posts that you genuinely like. Not for the numbers, not for that extra like. No, I don’t want to jump on this like for like bandwagon. I will comment, like and share the stuff that I like and for that reason only. I understand the reason behind it, I know it’s about supporting each other. But I would just prefer the support towards me to be genuine and not for something in return. Comment because you want to, not because you have to, it’s nicer that way.

Charging to advertise on a blog

It irritates me to see bloggers charging other bloggers between £1 and £10 to feature on their blog homepage. Charging £1 is barely worth anyones time but charging at all is something that doesn’t sit comfortably with me. Bloggers aren’t sharing you on their platforms because they feel passionately about you and your blog, it’s because you’ve given them money. Yes, it’s promotion and a bit of a business transaction, but it’s not genuine and I’m not into it. I understand it’s considered as advertising, in the same way brands send products, but I don’t think charging to advertise a blog on another is beneficial to anyone. Personally, I don’t want to read a beauty blog to see a promotion of a craft blog, that’s not what I am looking for. I want like for like (not in the above sense of my above statement, obviously!) or I want something which that person feels passionately for, you know? Share a blog because you love it not because they’ve paid you. We should support each other but we shouldn’t have to pay for it.

Requesting a photographer best friend

At the risk of an old tweet coming back to haunt me (not that I am cool enough for this to happen to), I am guilty of tweeting something similar, once. Tweets like this bug me. A friendship like that isn’t going to fall into your lap by tweeting, go and make the effort to be friends with someone. Having a mutual love of blogging would be great but you cannot form a real friendship on that one interest. What else would you talk about? You can’t base a friendship on you wanting them to take a cute photo of you sipping an over priced coffee.

Tap to edit on instastories

A trend that has appeared on instastories and one that I swipe away from. Unless you’re going to tell me how you edited it and what app you used…I don’t actually care. I already know you can edit photos, that’s probably a reason to why I follow you. I’m proud of other peoples editing skills, of course, but if there’s no facts alongside what I am looking at, what am I gaining? Put it into a blog post please.

Following for a follow back

I watch some people follow absolutely everyone they physically can, waiting for them to follow back. Whether you follow them back or not, they will ultimately unfollow you. It’s weird and annoying. You should only follow someone whose content you enjoy and want to see, not follow for a follow back to get your follower count up. I feel like I am saying the word follow too much and I am annoying myself, but you catch my drift. Follower counts fluxuate all the time but they should be natural and not something people are tricked into. Please don’t be that person. Also, don’t unfollow someone just because they unfollow you. If you like their content, it shouldn’t matter that they don’t follow you back.

Buying your followers

Oh. My. God. I can’t cope with people spending money on buying followers or downloading an app to do the follow and unfollow game for you. It’s not fair, it’s not natural and it’s causing problems for everyone who are growing their following the right way. Brands are working with bloggers/instagrammers who don’t have a genuine following and it’s making it really difficult for the rest of us genuine people. It is a tad laughable however, as the best part of this is that people think that they’re getting away with it, we see you. We know.

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4 responses to “An Unpopular Opinion On Blogging”

  1. Robyn says:

    Amen to this!! Agree with every single point! And I love reading posts with unpopular opinions because I usually agree! Haha xx

  2. Hayley Joeann says:

    I’m glad you agree! I like to think secretly a lot of people do think the same… xxx

  3. Kaiesha Stewart says:

    Believe me, these are not unpopular opinions!! I have a post going up tomorrow that mentions a couple of these points so trust me, you aren’t alone. The blogging world is such a lovely place but a lot of people are purely out for themselves and that’s a shame!


  4. Hayley Joeann says:

    Glad to hear! I’m pleased others agree with my points, it’s a touchy subject. I’ll look out for your post! X

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