January 13, 2018

3 Things You’ll Need For A Successful 2018

I gave it some thought and decided that there are 3 things you’ll need for a successful 2018.

For a lot of us, myself included, 2017 was a total shamble. I personally had a horrific first half of the year and an incredible second half of the year. You can read about this here if you’d like. I know that this year will be nothing like the last but I want to aim to have the best 2018, from start to finish.

The first thing you’ll need is clear and open mind.

Forget the shit heap of 2017 and focus on new and exciting things happening this year. You need to completely let go of anything you’re holding a grudge against or anything you still feel bitter about from the year before. It doesn’t matter that you didn’t achieve what you’d hoped for last year or that you feel irritated about a certain situation. Clear your mind and you’re opening it up to new experiences.

Secondly, you need to create some goals.

I’m not talking about resolutions or about that ‘giving yourself list of do’s and don’t’s’ kind of life. A goal can be anything you want to achieve, any ambition you may have. You might want to go on holiday, finish a project or even achieve a promotion at work. There are 365 days to achieve whatever you like, plenty of time. If there’s nothing you want to set as your goal, that’s fair enough too. Just carry on doing you!

And thirdly, be organised.

Grab yourself a fancy new diary (maybe even some super cute stationary to go with it) and plan your life out. Plan those dinner dates, adventures, blog posts and appointments. You’ll feel so empowered by being organised. Don’t forget to schedule in some you time as well. Nothing thrills me more than a booked up diary. I love being busy and I often find that I’m booked up 3 weeks in advance so I need to write it all down somewhere!

Happy 2018 guys, I hope you have a great one.



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