January 1, 2018

2017, you were the best and the worst

 2017 was one big contradiction.

2017, you were the worst and the best. If you’ve been along for the ride since late 2015, early 2016, you’ll know what I’m talking about. But if you’re new, let me refer you to a blog post I published when I finally had the courage to introduce the new chapter in my life. In the grand scheme of things, it was a small percentage at the start of the year which was bad for me, the rest of 2017 wasn’t half bad. At some points I’d as far to say it was excellent. 2017 was a year of change and this is why.

I spent time rebuilding myself.

Sounds over the top, I know, but it’s true. I spent the start of 2017 rebuilding myself and focusing on my mental health and me as a person. When you’re in a bad place for so long, it effects you. It doesn’t matter how strong you are. At the start of the year, I picked myself up, dusted myself off and carried on. My focus was on myself and man, did that feel good. I like the person I’ve become because I recognise this person. Although saying that, I like to consider myself new, improved and incredibly better off.

I removed those who weren’t worth my time.

On pretty much day one of 2017 I removed myself from a damaging situation and I discarded friendships that drained me. Admittedly, I didn’t end a specific friendship in a tactful way but in my ‘fuck it’ attitude, not texting back seemed like the best option. Especially so when that was their general attitude towards our friendship anyway. Even when friends have been in your life since you were young, it doesn’t necessarily make them friends you need as an adult. My advice is to discard those relationships in an appropriate way and focus on the things and the people that matter. At the end of the day, you don’t owe bad friends shit.

I fell in love with me again.

This is my favourite thing to say. I fell in love with me. For a long time I stopped doing the things I loved and that made me happy. Weight was gained, my style became boring and I felt like I’d lost my personality and quirky side. I stopped being fun, that’s for sure. I am fun again and I am back to the person that I recognise. I knew I’d achieved this when I started to laugh naturally and when my mum said to me one day “you’re dressing like you again, it’s nice.”

I did fun things.

I’ve done so many fun things this year. Hung out with my favourite people and visited places with my loved ones. I visited America (with work) for the first time ever, I went to Prague, went to gigs and had great days out. I’ve got some great friends who I am forever grateful to have.

I was spontanetous.

I decided to try and be a bit more spontaneous. My definition of spontaneous probably doesn’t match the definition of others (or the dictionary), because I am a planner. There is so much a planner can be spontaneous about, I’m afraid. I took a spontaneous trip to Prague, spontaneously got my septum pierced, spontaneously took out my septum piercing and I semi-spontaneously dyed my hair dark again. I had some spontaneous nights out and when opportunities arose, I took them. I became a yes woman and I wrote about that here.

I made some mistakes but I learnt from them.

The biggest mistake I made this year was the panic of my living situation. At the beginning of the year, when shit hit the fan, I stayed with my mum and went into panic mode. With panic mode well and truly in motion, I moved into my own place. I enjoyed every second of it, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t the right thing for my life plan and I. I have moved out and back in with my beloved mother and it’s great.

My second mistake of the year was getting my septum pierced. What a fucking nightmare that was…

I was successful at work.

I don’t overly talk about my day job but I’ve been in my role for just over a year and a half now. This year I had a wonderful appraisal, achieved my goals and organised some great events. Like any job, it can feel stressful at times but the majority of the time I love it and I adore my work family.

I made a plan.

I spent 3 hours one evening planning my finances until July 2019. That’s how far I got before I almost fell asleep on my laptop. I want to buy a home and I want to have experiences, so I need to be smart with money and save. I can do this living with my mum, because she will notice the second I am wearing new things and question me. Nothing gets past that woman. That’s the sort of person you need in your life when you’re on a saving mission.

I met someone.

At the right time, I met the right person. Fate is good like that. I met Matt on Tinder and I am so unbelievably smitten. He is my best friend. Heading into the new year with him by my side is the best feeling. I found myself a keeper, and best of all, he likes me back.

Hello 2018, I am ready for you.

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2 responses to “2017, you were the best and the worst”

  1. Robyn says:

    This is the cutest and most honest post and for that I love it! I love how you started the year with a fuck it attitude, wipe your slate clean and started a fresh and then found love and you’ve ended up so happy. Hoping 2018 brings you lots more happiness and lots more fuck it’s! 🙂 xx

    Robyn | http://www.littlebobloves.co.uk

  2. Hayley Joeann says:

    Thanks lovely, that’s really kind of you! And thank you for reading! My fuck it attitude has definitely made its way into 2018 too, it’s here to stay. I hope 2018 brings you lots of happiness xxxx

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