October 30, 2017

AD* – I am turning to public transport with Thames Travel

Thames Travel Outfit

I am turning to public transport, with Thames Travel.

I have never really been on a bus. Apart from one time back in 2008 when I spent the entire time panicking in the dark as I didn’t know when to get off, a time we don’t talk about. Buses have never really been a mode of transport for me. I was lucky enough to grow up in reach of everything I needed and everywhere I need to be. I was also lucky enough to have the taxi of Mum until I passed my driving test. As soon as I hit 17 years old I started my lessons so that I could venture out into the big wide world (aka, local areas where I could shop) all by myself.

It seems that every town and city is expanding

at the moment.

More houses, more shops, more people. This means that driving around may be easy but parking my car is a whole other story. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to even pop to my local town and park my car, let alone heading into the city. There are never any available spaces and if I manage to find one, it’s going to cost me a months wages, my soul and first born to pay for the parking.

I am turning to public transport. Why? Because I don’t need to worry about parking my car, filling up with petrol or queuing in car park traffic. I can hop on and off and not worry about a thing, apart from where my bus ticket is…

When Thames Travel got in touch with me about their new routes my brain did a little “YES!”. The new Westgate Centre has just opened and driving into Oxford is a total no go for me anymore.

Thames Travel in Oxford have brand new River Rapids routes. Comfortable transport that gets you from A to B with no fuss. There’s WiFi on board so travelling means I can do what I do best – aimlessly scroll through my phone for a bit of me time. Something I obviously don’t get to do in the car. There’s wireless payment which is great for someone like me who never has change and depending on where you’re going, I can guarantee you won’t be waiting long for a bus to pick you up.

Not only is this route going to help me (and you!) shop until my hearts content in the new Westgate Centre but I can travel all over the local area to some great locations. The routes take you to all the beautiful spots over Oxford such as the Castle, Blenheim Palace and the Bodleian Library. I can venture to all the tourist parts of Oxfordshire and do the Walking Tours and visit museums in places such as Wallingford and Reading. There’s so much I haven’t seen locally and I think now is the time to explore what is right on my doorstep.

Speaking of fun things to do, click here to enter a competition to win tickets to a local attraction, I especially think the walking tour in Oxford of the Harry Potter highlights is one to go for.

Thames Travel Outfit

If you’re living anywhere around Oxford, Henley, Reading, Wallingford etc, it’s totally worth checking out the new bus routes. Take a look at the bus timetable and for more information about the routes click here. You can also see more by following the journey @RiverRapidsBus on Twitter using the hashtag #RiverRapidsBus



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This post was sponsored by Thames Travel. All words are my own*

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2 responses to “AD* – I am turning to public transport with Thames Travel”

  1. Gemma says:

    Great post. I use Oxford buses all the time, not just to get to and from work but also for days and weekends out.

    Was bitterly disappointed at how difficult it was to get from Oxford to Dorchester-on-Thames though. The bus stops randomly in a layby which then requires a 25 minute walk to the villages, including navigating a very busy road that has no pedestrian crossing.

    Trying to write blog posts encouraging people to visit areas of Oxfordshire and use public transport is great until you realise just how difficult it is to get to some places.

  2. Hayley Joeann says:

    Some places can be a struggle. Shame! Hopefully more routes will be put in place over time.

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