August 7, 2017

The One Pound Jacket

The one pound jacket, yes, you read that right. It’s the best pound I’ve ever spent because I now have a new statement piece for my slowly developing capsule wardrobe. When I say slowly developing, I pretty much mean slower than snail pace because it’s a tough job making a capsule wardrobe. The only reason I am working on my wardrobe is because every social media influencer I look up to in the sense of fashion, has one. Therefore I need one. I want to look as effortlessly chic and stylish as those I admire. It could be an unachievable goal but I am willing to give it ago because I’d like every outfit I wear to make me feel as good as my favourite ones.

Where did I find this beautiful beige long wool jacket? A carboot sale in Thatcham. I love a good mooch in a charity shop but I’d honestly never considered buying clothes from a carboot sale. Mainly because if I go to a carboot sale, it’s to make some dollar or to get a hotdog (true story).

I am here to tell you to go to carboot and find yourself a bargain. A carboot sale is kind of like an outdoor Poundland because people don’t really care about the price – they just want you to take their crap and give them 50p or £1 for it. I found a good ‘stand’ at the carboot in Thatcham because not only did I walk away with the jacket of my dreams but also a couple of unused Essie nail varnishes. You do have to pick your location well for a carboot and you do often have to dig deep. But it can be totally worth it. And if it’s not? Get a hotdog and try again next Sunday.

Outfit details:
Ripped mom jeans – New Look
Black top – Topshop
Bag – Matalan
Chelsea boots – Clarks
Resting bitch face – natural

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