April 2, 2017

Becoming A Yes Woman

It’s no secret that the last few months of my life have been completely crazy. I don’t like to look back because I have moved forward and I am feeling really good about everything, but for this topic it’s relevant. I cannot deny that what happened at the beginning of this year didn’t change me as a person. It didn’t entirely change me, I am still the person I’ve always been, however something altered inside me. My mentality shifted on certain feelings and thoughts, but in a positive way. I am content with myself again.

I think when you spend so long feeling consumed by sadness that the moment you see the light at the end of the tunnel, you want to cram every piece of happiness and fun that you possibly can into your soul. It’s almost like you’re making up for absent happiness and lost time. Because I stopped doing things that made me happy, I wanted to make up for that lost time by becoming a yes woman. By this I mean I say yes to everything. I take on all experiences and opportunities that come my way. Within reason of course, I will never do anything that I genuinely don’t want to do but I will push myself to do the things the past me would have perhaps said no to Happiness is important.


The concept of being a yes woman makes me feel confident, brave and liberated. Liberated has quickly become my new favourite word. I wanted to share with you and document for myself some of the things I have already said yes to…
  • going on a date
  • going on a second date
  • getting a big tattoo
  • going on nights out
  • signing up to tinder
  • going to a large blogger event and meeting new people
  • staying out until stupid o’clock because I was having too much fun
  • a drunk kiss
  • going to a house party and drinking alot of gin
  • forming friendships I’d never have been confident enough to do before
  • vlogging in public
  • giving my phone number to man on a bus
  • booking a spontaneous trip with a new friend
  • organising a bloggers meet up
  • going to bingo (and then winning £50!)
Saying yes is fun. I don’t miss out on anything anymore. I am thoroughly enjoying my very full calendar and doing things I like without a single care in the world. Apart from my hangover, I always care about my hangover.

Photo credit: Matts Travel Blog

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  1. Hannah Lucy says:

    Love this post! These are some great achievements – and sometimes it's the small ones that count!

    Hannah | Oh January

  2. Thanks Hannah! I think so too 🙂 xx

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