March 17, 2017

Cheltenham Races 2017

I recently went to one of the largest horse racing events within the UK, Cheltenham Races. I was lucky enough to be invited by Ladbrokes (the official sponsors of Cheltenham) who held a blogger event to experience the gold ticket festival package, and what an experience!

We had a table where all bloggers sat together for a gorgeous 3 course meal, afternoon tea and a few glasses of wine. We watched the races during lunch on the big screen and placed our bets. We then ventured outside to experience the race atmosphere and we watched the races in the sunshine – perfection. It felt like the first day of Spring and what a better way to spend it with blogger friends and a glass of wine in hand. 
I don’t often have a reason to get dressed up bu Cheltenham Races is the perfect reason to. It was amazing to see everyones outfits whilst walking around the (enormous) venue. Some ladies went all out with insanely beautiful fascinators and hats whilst others looked subtly beautiful. I also didn’t know where to look with all the handsome men in suits and tweed…
The bloggers I spent the day with all looked beautiful and I was privileged to be in their company. There’s nothing better than meeting nice bloggers that you get on well with, it makes the event/day out so much more enjoyable.

The atmosphere of the races was incredible, everyone was on a buzz of betting (and beer!) and it’s the type of place where you’d end up falling into conversation with the most random types of people. Joelle and I were stopped to be told by a lovely drunk man how beautiful we looked in the wind and how naturally beautiful we were… I’ll take that compliment, even if he was drunk. I won’t even tell you about the drunk men on the bus on the way home, so unbelievably funny. I had tears from laughter.
It’s also the type of atmosphere and event where everyone is your friend and they all want to be in your photos…
I didn’t want the day to end, I enjoyed myself so much. The day flew by and I spent most of it laughing and smiling – what more could I have asked for? I vlogged the day (shock horror, as it’s actually a mini weekly vlog!) which you can view here.
I wanted to vlog because I felt it would show what Cheltenham Races is really like, photos don’t come with noise and an atmosphere, a video does, so I hope you enjoy it!
I wanted to say a big thank you to Cheltenham Races, Ladbrokes and Carrie (@CarrieRosePR) for inviting all of us to the day. It was an incredible experience and one I won’t be forgetting! If you’re looking at going to Cheltenham click here for event dates and tickets. If you enjoy getting dressed up, the excitement of betting (whether you place a bet or watch others) and spending the day with friends and friendly strangers, I suggest booking a ticket and experiencing it for yourself. I want to start the day over and do it all again!
Click here for a link to the Ladbrokes website for all the odds for racing – including the grand national which is coming up in a few weeks. Next time I go to the races, I plan to be a pro in tips and tricks!
Here are some more photos from my day:

The vlog:

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6 responses to “Cheltenham Races 2017”

  1. Awww Hayley this was such a good write-up! All your photos have come out so well! You looked so so fab on the day and it was a lot of fun to get to know you better and spend the day together! Looking forward to lots more blogger events like this in the future!

    Abbey ?

  2. Joelle says:

    Loved reading your write up, remembering the "you girls look so beautiful in the wind" and incredible vlogging! So lovely to meet you X

  3. Becca says:

    You look so lovely! Actually looks like the best day, glad you had fun!

    Becca xx

  4. Rachel says:

    This is such a great post, and your photos are amazing! Absolutely loved the day, it was great getting to hang out with you again, and here's hoping we have many more blog-trips in the future 🙂

    Rachel x
    The Inelegant Wench

  5. Emily Becca says:

    Ahhh this was such a lovely read – I miss it already! It was so so lovely meeting you and you looked amazing gal! I hope you don't mind if I steal the photos of us because its so cute haha, hopefully we'll meet again soon! If there are any more Oxford meet ups do let me know as I'd love to come! xx

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