December 29, 2016

Quitting My Blog?

There have been many points throughout 2016 when I felt like deleting my blog and wiping my existence from YouTube. I constantly felt irritated and embarrassed about being someone who writes a blog because of the blogging community on Twitter. It’s like being in the school playground and you’ve got that one child (or group of children) who ruins your fun every break time. I didn’t want to come online and have the first thing I think be “bloody hell, not again…” which was happening more often than not.

Twitter and blogging to me became a place where people bullied each other for their opinions, individuals were being ganged up on and embarrassed by others and it became all about tweeting to be spiteful and saying things to get a reaction. Whether that reaction be an argument or a round of appaluse for being ‘cool’.
I couldn’t even tell you the amount of the arguments there have been online in the blogging community this year. There was one point where I saw daily rows and I stopped tweeting because I couldn’t deal with seeing such aggressive and foul mouthed behaviour.  Even when I didn’t follow the people arguing, things appeared on me feed that I didn’t want to see, there was almost no escaping. I am not naive to think that everyone should be friends and we are all entitled to say what we like, but why do people need to continuously put people down and jump onto something just to argue? I could only mute, block and unfollow people to a certain extent, so I merely just stopped logging on for awhile. I wanted to turn my back on the community because it became less about blogging and more about being a keyboard warrior. Why would I want to be apart of something that was making others feel so bad about themselves? It’s not one sided, some people can say some down right dumb and offensive things and I have no problem with someone calmly saying, ‘hey, that might upset some people, maybe you should reconsider writing that’ (I’ve even been that person before!) but there’s never any reason for 10 people to come down on that person like a ton of bricks, that’s what I have a problem with.
My friends have been a good support system for when I felt like quitting because they reminded me it’s not all about everyone else and actually, there is still a large part of the community that does make it fun and enjoyable. Even up until the last few weeks I’d been toying with the idea of quitting but I figured I started this to write about things I wanted to write about. I won’t be put it off it by keyboard warriors who are killing my buzz. In the words of my friend Kirsty “Do you boo, don’t worry about anyone else.” I have removed all continuous negativity and it feels good.
If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all.
Or just stay off the internet.

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