April 25, 2016

Monday Motivation: Keep Blogging

For the month of April I have decided to turn every Monday into
Motivation Monday, that’s 4 opportunities to spread a bit of positivity
and motivation around. Monday is by far the least favourite day of the
week, it’s the first day of a long working week where no one is really
feeling inspired, which means it’s the best day to share with you guys
how I keep motivated for different things. Also, Motivation Monday
sounds far better than Motivation Thursday. I am all about alliteration.
We’ve all been there with the bloggers writers block and the struggle to keep posting on our blogs daily or weekly. Motivation for blogging really comes down to your inspiration. You cannot motivate yourself to write if you don’t have a subject in mind you feel inspired by. Plus, you’ve got to add a touch of passion to your inspiration otherwise your blog post idea is a non starter. With that said, I thought I’d share my top ways on staying motivated and inspired with blogging.

Track your progress
Now, I am not one for stats. I don’t believe numbers are everything, but being approximately 60 people off 1k on Twitter is a good motivator. There are now more people reading my blog than ever before and that motivates me to keep doing what I am doing. People are obviously enjoying it, right? Watching stats grow, traffic increasing and followers multiple motivates me on to sit down and write about something I love. It definitely stops me from being lazy and thinking another episode on Netflix is a better idea than writing an overdue idea down on my blog.
Communicate with other bloggers
Blogger chats on Twitter often help me rekindle my love for my blog. The communication with fellow bloggers on subjects I love, only encourages me to keep writing about what I enjoy. Being apart of the little blogging community that I am, you’ve got the support from fellow bloggers right at your finger tips. Also, you won’t find anyone else in this world who will be interested in talking about the same highlighter for half an hour than you will in a blogger chat. Blogger chats remind me of the fun in blogging which can sometimes (in a word of stats and follower counts) be lost.

Go where your blog topic takes you
Being free with the topics on my blog allows me to spread my wings with my ideas and means I can run with whatever it is that is inspiring me. I do tend to keep around the 3 main topics of beauty, fashion and lifestyle because that’s what I like to write about. Having a mix of 3 topics allows me to mix it up and write about what I am currently loving. Writing a strictly beauty blog means there is little room to talk about your fashion loves and that great weekend you had in that Instagramable hotel. I always allow myself to be free with my topics and to generally just go with the flow. Limiting yourself to certain topics means you might not always be writing about the topics you want to write about, and where’s the fun in that?

Take some time taking photos
I often find good words follow from good photos. Having an afternoon of taking some different photos, trying something new or inventing a new flat lay really gets my motivational juices flowing. Taking a good photo can really inspire me to write that amazing blog post I’ve had on my mind, because now I have a photo to match. Taking time to take some photos also helps me to invent and alter my style, plus it’s super fun and can help ease the writers block. Nothing I love more than an afternoon of playing around with product and my camera.
Borrow some ideas
Reading through other peoples blogs, Twitter and watching their videos often helps me to get inspired. I am not talking about directly copying an idea from someone else but grabbing inspiration from it. A little beauty review on a cleanser I’ve never tried could remind me of that cleanser in my bathroom cupboard that I’ve been loving and not told anyone about yet. Copying other bloggers isn’t the way forward but getting inspiration from them is. A lot of bloggers write super helpful blog posts on blog post ideas that you can directly copy from. We can all get that unfortunate bloggers writers block so these posts are a great help and something to keep you going perhaps until your motivation and inspiration returns. I have a book called 365 blog post ideas which is super inspiring, I don’t often take ideas directly from it (mainly because it’s very American and not all the topics interest me) but a number of times since receiving it at Christmas has it sparked my inspiration and helped me come up with my own yet great idea.
What do you do to keep motivation and inspired with blogging? Let me know in the comments because the more helpful tips, the better!
If you don’t mind also letting me know in the comments if you enjoyed Monday Motivation on my blog. I’ve really enjoyed doing a blogging series as it kept me motivated to keep writing complete the whole month. Thanks!
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  1. It's been a lovely series to read! I find all of these points really useful to keep my blogging mojo going. Thanks for sharing these tips 🙂 xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

  2. These are some awesome tips to keep my writing spirits up! thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice to know someone was coming back for the series! Glad you enjoyed it! Xxx

  4. You're most welcome 🙂 happy writing! Xx

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