April 18, 2016

Monday Motiviation: Getting Through University

For the month of April I have decided to turn every Monday into
Motivation Monday, that’s 4 opportunities to spread a bit of positivity
and motivation around. Monday is by far the least favourite day of the
week, it’s the first day of a long working week where no one is really
feeling inspired, which means it’s the best day to share with you guys
how I keep motivated for different things. Also, Motivation Monday
sounds far better than Motivation Thursday. I am all about alliteration. 
 I have seen a lot of dissertation talk on Twitter the last couple of weeks and that got me thinking about how on earth I managed to get myself through University and the stress it brings. I graduated in 2013 in Fashion Promotion & Communication, with what felt like a minute to spare. My University experience wasn’t the best (but that’s another story) and I was very driven to get finished and get out of there. That sounds really negative, there were some good parts to University. I promise. But from the moment freshers was finished I was ready to get going and get gone.

On reflection I realised what it was that got me through University and what got me through long hours of course work and dissertation planning, prepping and writing. You might not relate to any of my University motivations, but you also might relate to all of them. My motivation always comes from the end goal and not the half way point. We all know how to make ourselves study plans, essay structures and to do lists but all that planning won’t motivate you. So how do you get motivated? This is how I did it…
Wanting to earn a good wage is the main motivation to get me through the hard times of University. However saying that, I am not particularly ‘career driven’. I am very happy to earn a good wage and stick with a job I love. I am not necessarily looking to become to head of whatever or the director of something or other. All I’ve ever wanted was to be financially stable and be able to afford to live independently. That is what kept me going through the hard times of studying, projects and lectures (and general University life). The reason you’re writing that dissertation is to get a job which will eventually give you a roof over your head when adult life hits you and your student loans stops funding you. Remind yourself of that to kick start the motivation.
Knowing that I could work in a job in the fashion industry with my degree under my belt pushed me to keep going. Ok, so I don’t have a career in fashion as I decided it wasn’t for me. Retail has always been my passion and without having my degree, I wouldn’t have ended up as a Retail Area Manager. My Fashion degree got my foot in the door as I had skills and work/volunteer experiences that were useful to the business and now look where I am. Great job, great wage and a great roof over my head. Having a degree in the subject your passionate about and want to have a life career in opens up so many doors. Whether you use the degree to open up the door of the career you studied for, or another career door is totally up to you. One size fits all. Employers love a degree on the CV, whatever it is in as it shows long term commitment and intelligence.
Getting out
From the moment freshers ended I was keen to get out of University life. I knew it wasn’t for me before I’d even started packing to go there but I did it anyway and it was alright. Living off Asda own food and drinking a cheap brand of Vodka that I couldn’t even pronounce wasn’t the way I wanted to live my life. I am not a snob and I am not boring (although I heard those words alot during University), I just know what I like and what I don’t like. I like my home comforts, not getting wasted every night and actually having hot water in the tank. I kept working to know that everyday was one day closer to living in a house that wasn’t a health hazard.
Taking a break
Heading home for a weekend always motivated me to get back to University and to finish that long project that had taken over my life. Taking a step back, relaxing and having a moment to breathe non-University air always got me right back in the driving seat. Sometimes projects/studying and general University life can consume you and when that happens you need a break. If something is clouding your brain, how on earth can you continue? Taking a trip home was like a holiday for me because my University loan wouldn’t stretch to a plane ticket.
That is how I got through my University time. The struggle of dissertations and end of year projects is real and it’s consuming. You can write as many studying structures as you like and read as many motivating quotes as possible but I think it’s important to remember why you’re doing it and what your end goal is. We are all working towards something, so what are you working towards?
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  1. I am currently less than a month from graduating from my University, and this post has really helped me boost my motivation to finish it out. I find that many of the same things that motivated you also are what keep me going. I would love to hear more about our college experience because I feel that I could possibly relate to it very well. I have been in school for three years; and while I may have come to University with specific expectations, I quickly found that things weren't as they seamed. Like you mentioned in your post, I found myself wanting to gt out of college fast so I could really start my life and make it into something I wanted and loved. Sorry for this super long comment, but I really am thankful for this post today.

  2. I'm glad this post helped you! And a super long comment is always welcome 🙂 I might do a post on it if you'd be interested in reading it 🙂 I thought it would seem too negative to be a good blog post haha good luck with the end of uni!!! Xxx

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