March 2, 2016

London Fashion Weekend

Being able to attend London Fashion Weekend is like getting a glimpse into London Fashion Week, something I may never attend. I say may to be polite to my feelings because I can’t imagine I’d ever be as lucky to attend. London Fashion Weekend is an event for us normal people who can experience fashion, trends and the chic leftovers of Fashion Week. I went along with my friend Kirsty on the Friday of the event so that we’d miss the rush of the weekend and so we would be able to leisurely enjoy wondering around the beautiful Saatchi Gallery.

The layout of the event is so stylish, minimal and just my cup of tea.  Flashes of colour on white background is my favourite and ideal for my growing Instagram theme (of course!). It was so interesting seeing all the different brands and styles that have been created for this Spring Summer Season. It made me so excited for Spring to come so that I can wear lighter colours and lighter materials…says the girl who wears black alot. All the designer clothes were very much out of my price range as I am saving for a Wedding and attempting to start a house fund, but I enjoyed seeing the trends and thinking about how I can incorporate them into my own wardrobe.
I saw so many adorable pieces such as this cat collar top blouse from Miss Patina. It’s amazing and even though I don’t like cats I do feel like this should be in my wardrobe. I also fell in love with a pair of Ultragirl Cat shoes by Melissa. Again, so not into cats but I am so into these shoes. Maybe it’s because the blouse and shoes wouldn’t make me need an antihistamine for my allergies?
A trend I really picked up from Fashion Weekend, and had noticed a lot online recently is denim. Which is great because I absolutely love denim. I saw a table display of denim, blue jumpers and red heels and I was loving it. It really reminded me how I need to stop being such a bore in my black comfort zone and branch out. Monochrome is my thing but I love of non Monchrome clothing. I also loved seeing designers that are continuously good year on year such as Vivenne Westwood.
The decoration of the event was minimal, white and classic. The building was beautifully bright and everything was laid out so neatly that I almost couldn’t control my weird obsession and excitement for white things. I didn’t see a show while I was there, so within about 2 hours I was done with looking at everything. Friday was a great day to go on as it wasn’t overly busy and you could
get around easily without knocking into other people and their handbags.
Next time I’d definitely like to see a show, I think it would fill the day out more. Not complaining though, I had a lovely, lovely time.
Thanks London Fashion Weekend, you were a great. I now feel like I saw London Fashion Week on its weekend off.
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