February 15, 2016

Beauty Review: MAC Retro Liquid Lipstick – Lady Be Good

I feel like one lucky lady to have laid my hands on a MAC Retro Liquid Lipstick, especially in the colour Lady Be Good. It’s sold out absolutely everywhere and no one seemed to have any hope of getting it back in stock. I’ve said many a time on my blog that airports are the best place to pick up make up and that is how I got my hands on this beauty. After seeing a famous YouTuber wearing Lady Be Good, I knew I had to have it. The colour was incredible and the staying power was apparently excellent.
The hype on these liquid lipsticks was crazy and I almost thought it was going to be too good to be true – it wasn’t. Because of that, I thought I’d talk you through why I like it and how I apply it.

This peachy nude lipstick is an incredibly impressive formula. What you see is what you get with the colour, there’s no need to be concerned that once applied it’ll look any different to the packaging. It is a matte lipstick and I found it quite drying if I didn’t pair it with my Prep & Prime lip primer. The staying power of this product is impressive and even after 6 hours (while eating and drinking) only then did I think about reapplying. It’s the type of lipstick you forget you’re wearing, it sticks to your lips like glue and you have no need to worry about smudges or bleeds.
Because this is a matte lipstick, it’s drying on my poor old sensitive lips. Without the Prep & Prime Primer from MAC cracks being to show through the
lipstick, this happens to me with any matte lipstick however the cracks
are more obvious with this formula of lipstick. With using a primer, this doesn’t happen and my lips can
handle the matte formula no problem. To me that is pretty impressive. The colour is a very light to
medium colour but the matte consistency I think makes the colour seem
more bold and really stand out.
So, let talk about it’s application.
 Step 1. Prep & Prime
I have dry lips so the primer is always a go to for me and any matte lipstick. The MAC Prep & Prime smells a bit like ice cream and adds extra moisture to your lips, preparing them to hold onto a matte lipstick. Your lips feel very buttery, almost too moist for matte lipstick but don’t panic (like I did) that the application will go all mushy, it won’t.
Step 2. Line the lips
To line my lips I use the tip of the applicator. For general use I don’t wear a lip liner, mainly because I haven’t got one to match yet, but I don’t even use a clear lip liner to control any colour bleeds – there’s no need. I apply the colour around the edges of my lip with the tip to create the outline of my lipstick.
Step 3. Apply the lipstick
 I then fill in the lips with the flat edges of the applicator and sweep
it across my bottom lip and then dab it across my top lip so not to put
too much colour on the top lip. It’s a sticky and wet formula (not sure why I am describing it in such a gross way..) so it definitely needs a few seconds to dry and settle on the lips. Once it has dried the colour is bright, matte and flawless. The staying power is impressive and you feel like there is nothing on your lips. It’s the one lipstick I use that I never worry about. I am obsessed with looking in any reflection possible, window, phone screen etc when wearing a lipstick because I am concered with smudging. I don’t worry about a thing with this beauty. I am a big, big fan of this product and the formula. Now, what colour to get next…
Have you tried any of the Retro Liquid Lipsticks from MAC or are you keen to give one a go? Let me know what you think in the comments!
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  1. Roisin Giles says:

    I have a MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Oh Lady which is a beautiful purple shade but I have been too afraid to wear it – this post has made me want to wear it real soon! This colour really suits you!

  2. Oh you should wear it!!! It looks amazing in the swatches I've seen of it. I need to decide on another to get I just love the formula so much! Might go for a red…

    Thanks for reading 🙂 have a lovely afternoon xxx

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