November 1, 2015

Beauty Review: Mac Lipstick Twig & Diva

Considering I blog about beauty products, I’ve never bought any Mac make up until now. Don’t ask me why or even how I haven’t bought into this well known and extremely popular brand because I just don’t have an answer. 
I’ve always wanted to buy a Mac lipstick, it’s just never been my go to brand when I want a new lipstick. But with two trips to an airport in 1 month, I couldn’t avoid Mac any longer. What’s better than duty free beauty brands? Nothing!

I went with two autumnal shades so that I could get the most wear out of them as possible for the rest of the year. The first lipstick I picked up on my trip to Turkey and it was a dark plum/red colour called Diva. I want to take this moment to just appreciate all the awesome names of the lipsticks, if you don’t know Mac lipsticks (which I am sure you do) then you will know what I mean. This lipstick is a matte one so it means I need an extra sweep of lip balm across my lips to keep it nourished but that’s just me, I have dry lips. 
This dark colour was a little out of my comfort zone as it is daring and I normally like to play it safe. Once the Mac make up artist put it on my lips I fell in love with the way it looked against my pale complextion. I looked completely different, I looked daring and my lips looked plump. It was love. It was the sort of love for a lipstick that makes you want to change your outfit, your hair and base your entire life around this deep dark colour. It was beautiful. 
The lighter shade called Twig was a dark pink nude and is a satin lipstick. It’s a dream. I do think satin is the way forward for me and my dry lips because it feels like I have a lip balm on, not a lipstick.
I have a lot of nude lipsticks but this one is far more bold and striking than my others. I am obsessed with this shade now and because it’s a not so daring colour for me, it’s something I can wear everyday. 
I’m a new Mac lipstick obsessive and I cannot wait to try out other products from Mac. My main problem which Mac was its price point because it’s not cheap for a lipstick and I absolutely hate putting money into a product that I end up not liking. Duty free is a good way to test the water with Mac lipsticks because it doesn’t hit your bank account hard. I can now understand the price point behind Mac as the formulas of the lipsticks are unreal but I won’t be buying all colours just yet… Give me time!
These are a definite favourite of mine now.
Here are two selfies of each lipstick. 
 Let me know which Mac lipsticks you love! 

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  1. I love these, but twig looks so much darker on me! 😮

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