August 19, 2015

3 Visible Difference products by Elizabeth Arden // Review

Elizabeth Arden products are definitely my kind of products because they are a dream for my oh so sensitive skin. When I really like a product, I enjoy looking at the history of the brand and every single product that they have to offer. It’s remarkable to know that Elizabeth Arden is over 100 years old and knowing she brought red lips to the suffragettes is incredible. The brand has made a large indent of the world of beauty, that is for sure.
The 8 hour cream is a beauty legend and if you’re a beauty lover and not aware of what that product is, where have you been?  I’ve only converted over to the 8 hour cream in the last year or so but have always been aware of its wonderful ways. I don’t know how I got by before I owned my own bottle, it’s my go to product for, well, everything. Lips, hands, nose (for those colder months) and that odd dry patch on my body. Multiple uses in a product makes them a keeper.
I could rave about the 8 hour cream until I am blue in the face but it is not the topic of my post. The topic is my 3 favourite products (so far) from the Visible Difference collection.
These products are now apart of my everyday skincare routine and they’re some of the best I have ever experienced. I will be honest, out of the 3 products I am about to talk about there is 1 that perhaps I am not completely in love with and it dips in and out of my routine, due to the fact I already have a favourite that cannot be replaced. For me, the cleanser cannot beat my ‘take the day off’ from Clinque – but this is definitely up there with being one of the best.
Lets start off with the visible different gentle hydrating cleanser/tone duo that I picked up from for a bargain price of £18.00 – which you can now pick up at a better price of £16.20 by clicking here. It’s an incredible price difference when they’re £18.00 each in store. I adore a good due set from feel unique. I bought these products with the hope that them being clinically and dermatologist tested, they would cleanse and tone my skin without causing irritation. I can safely say, there hasn’t been any irritation with these and my skin has never looked better. 
The toner absorbs easily into my skin and leaves it feeling refreshed. There is no tightness or stinging from the product which I always found happened using other high end brands. This is part of my routine after cleansing and it refines my pores really well for when I want to apply make up. I’ve dabbled in many a toner, but using this has changed the way my skin feels and looks. It feels as if I am toning my face with something as pure as water but am left with a pore refining result. Magic.
The cleanser isn’t a constant in my skincare routine because I do slightly prefer another but I do like to dabble with it as it is still up there on the favourites list. This cleanser has a creamy and moisturising formula that has a lovely consistency when rubbing into my face and when rinsing. One of the many ingredients in this product is Oatmal which I have learnt in recent months is incredibly good for my skin type (which is sensitive and prone to irritation). This is a great hydrating cleanser for those with dry (and sensitive skin) and I enjoy popping this into my routine every once in awhile. There is no smell to it, other than the smell of cream (if that makes any sense) and that is a selling point for me. Fragranced
products aren’t great for sensitive skin.
My third product is the refining moisture cream complex. This is my absolute favourite face cream, dare I even say it, ever. It’s so nourishing and thick when you rub it into your skin but doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy.  It’s an amazing night cream, I put on a little bit more for extra nourishment before bed as it has time to sink in during my sleep. With a light amount used it is also a great day cream and an even greater base for makeup. I bought this product on a whim in the airport in Barcelona (not at all for the good duty free prices) and have welcomed it with open arms into my daily skin routine. I was prone to have a really dry edge of the nose and since using this product, that isn’t a problem anymore. My skin now has a smooth texture and any dry patches that once were, are gone. I couldn’t locate this product on the official Elizabeth Arden website or but I did find it here, incase you’re interested and wanted to take a peak.
I don’t often say that I will repurchase an item because nine times out of ten I decided to move on to bigger and better things (or sometimes worse) – mainly because I never adore a product and enjoy the results it gives. These products will definitely be repurchased when I get through them all. I couldn’t imagine my skincare routine being any other way. 
Have you used any of these products and felt the same as me? Or can you recommend anything else that is suitable for sensitive skin? Let me know in the comments!
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