Tips for having a boyfriend with a beard - hayley joeannFalling in love with a man with a beard is absolutely wonderful, but it can be slightly problematic for someone with such sensitive skin.

At the start of Matt and I’s relationship, his beard would cause my skin to feel dry and look red. Whether that was on my face, from where he’d kissed me or on my shoulder, from where he’d laid on me. Not an ideal situation to occur when you find someone you really fancy, right? The rashes were mostly instant and quite sore but long term, I just had very dry skin. I wasn’t remotely prepared to give up a handsome man over a rash on my shoulder, so with that I took his beard into my own hands. Quite literally.

I’ll start by saying there was nothing wrong with his beard with the way it looked or initially felt. But as I suffer with sensitive skin, it became (unsurprisingly) an issue. With a bit of TLC, some good products such as this beard trimmer – I was dry skin and rash free!

Matt was a total hero for one, letting (oh so crazy) me into his life but two, for actually using the products I got him.

I’ll take this moment to also say I helped introduce a skincare routine too but that’s another story. One that starts with him asking me to moisturise his face, believe it or not!

My tips for having a boyfriend with a beard were easily discovered. He started trimming his beard regularly, focusing on the areas that were a point of contact with my sensitive face and he used a beard oil daily which softened the hairs. Within no time at all after making these changes, the rashes I was getting stopped completely.

What’s not to love about unlimited kissing?

This is a collaborative opportunity that sparked a reminder of a real struggle I had – sensitive skin life! *


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