February 14, 2018

The Best Way To Apply Your Foundation

A question I am always wondering, what is the best way to apply your foundation?

What’s the most hygienic and non wasteful way? What’s the best application for a good and smooth finish? Is there one answer or is it a combination? With so many questions round my main question, I decided to test out all the application processes for foundation to experience their pros and cons. Surely there has to be a ‘best way’, right?

First off I started with a poll on Twitter.

117 of my followers voted for me to get an idea of how other people apply their foundation. This was the result:

Question: How do you apply your foundation?

52% said ‘sponge’

35% said ‘brush’

10% said ‘fingers’

3% said ‘other’ (which turned out to be a combination of the other options).

Using a sponge for the application of foundation was a clear winner, with the 3% of people stating they use a sponge and a brush. It might be the most popular form of application but is it an all round best?

Applying your foundation with a sponge

Pros: Using a sponge will give you great, smooth coverage. You can create a sheer and natural look but can also build up to full coverage if you dampen the sponge a little. You have good control using a sponge and can get into the hard to reach areas of your face for a flawless look.

Cons: Sponges absorb a lot of product, which means you’ll go through a lot more foundation than if you used an alternative applicator. Not ideal if your foundation is a bit pricey. Even though sponges aren’t expensive, you have to replace them quite often because of product build up and for hygiene reasons – not very environmentally friendly or bank account friendly.

Applying your foundation with a brush

Pros: Using a brush can be a quick application process. With the right shaped brush, you can again, get into the hard to reach places of your face. You can blend, buff and create a seamless full coverage look or use less product and create a more natural look. You can wash brushes which means they’re hygienic and eco friendly – as you won’t need to replace often at all.

Cons: Good brushes are expensive but once you’ve invested in a good quality brush you won’t need to replace it for a long while. Practice would be needed with this application process to avoid streaks of product on the skin. Maybe a small job for the sponge? In my experience, brush application can sometimes be a little too heavy for dry areas on the skin but absolutely great for the rest of my face.

Applying for your foundation with your fingers

Pros: Completely free, you don’t need to spend a penny! The product won’t absorb into your skin like it does a sponge, so no waste. The warmth of your finger tips help the product to blend to create a finish you’re happy with.

Cons: It’s a messy process applying with your fingers. You’ll need to scrub your fingers or use a make up remover wipe to get any excess off your fingers before continuing with the rest of your make up. Unless you have freshly washed hands in antibacterial soap, it’s not a very hygienic process either. The oils from your fingers will end up in your product and on your face which isn’t ideal for those with oily skin types. You can’t blend or buff the foundation using your fingers and it is difficult to control the product.

The best way to apply foundation really comes down to you, your preference and your skin type.

My recommendation (and the way that I personally apply my own foundation) is with a brush and a sponge. I have a sponge on the side lines ready to dab over any streaks I may have, just incase. A brush is more eco-friendly, more cost effective and the less wasteful option for the liquid foundation I use. I’m not perfect at applying with a brush, which is why I do have a sponge on the side lines to dab out any streaks and cover any dry patches on my skin. However, the brush is the main applicator. Not using the sponge as the sole product everyday means I don’t have to replace it frequently. That’s better for the environment and for my bank account. Who knows, maybe one day I will completely master the application process with a brush!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great info! Knowing the pros and cons of different applicators are really a big thing-especially when it comes to make ups!

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