January 17, 2018

Psoriasis Treatment From Dermalex

Psoriasis Treatment From Dermalex - Hayley Joeann

A few months I received an email from a PR company who had seen an interview I did for healthline.com about suffering with a skin condition, which you can read here. They asked me if I’d like to try Psoriasis Treatment From Dermalex and I jumped at the opportunity.

Psoriasis treatment from Dermalex arrived in the post and it’s completely changed my life.

That’s not even me being dramatic, trust me.

Dermalex Psoriasis treats mild to moderate Psoriasis symptoms such as thickened, scaling, red and itchy skin. Dermalex’s formulation normalises skin cell production and maturation time, which basically means the cream slows down how quickly the skin cells build. In theory, it should control Psoriasis because it’s controlling the skin cell production which is in overdrive and developing too quickly. However in my case, it stopped the Psoriasis.

The Psoriasis treatment from Dermalex is a lifesaver.

If you’re unfamiliar with me history of this skin condition and want to know more, you can read about my journey with Psoriasis here.

Now, I wanted to document daily what was happening to a specific patch of Psoriasis on my arm by taking photos and including them in the blog post. However, these things never go to plan for me. I’ll be honest, I just forgot to take a photo everyday. But what I do have to show you is pretty great.

This is the first photo I took. It’s super bad quality and the lightening is terrible but it does show how thick and red the patch of Psoriasis was on my arm. I used Psoriasis treatment from Dermalex quite a few times a day. Most likely more than I should have, but with no steroids in, I wasn’t worried. I was desperate for something to soothe the itching.

Psoriasis Treatment From Dermalex - Hayley Joeann photo 1

The first week of using the cream, I didn’t see a lot of change. It was a little less red but it was still going strong and still very sore. However on the second week, it started to look a bit like this.

Psoriasis Treatment From Dermalex - Hayley Joeann photo 2

It began far less red and far less itchy.I couldn’t quite believe the change it pigmentation of my skin.  I kept going with the cream until my arm looked like this…

Psoriasis Treatment From Dermalex - Hayley Joeann photo 3

The red and thickness of the patch had MAJORLY decreased. It had become dry and barely itchy at all. I decided to persevere with it because progress was being made and by the end of the 2nd week of using this cream, my patch of Psoriasis vanished. Completely vanished. Not much point showing you a photo of my healed skin, eh? There’s not a single mark left behind, the redness slowly faded over the days until it was no more. I’ve been given so many creams and ointments over the years from the Doctors and nothing has ever worked. Only UV light treatment has given me any relief. I actually couldn’t believe my eyes to see my Psoriasis had vanished.

Unfortunately this product wasn’t so successful on my scalp Psoriasis, even though Dermalex have a different product for your scalp, neither seemed successful for me. You can’t win all the battles, huh?

I would recommend to anyone suffering with Psoriasis to try Dermalex because of my experience. That patch on my arm vanished and hasn’t returned. Incredible if you ask me. Dermalex also sell products for other skin conditions, so it’s worth a look!

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6 responses to “Psoriasis Treatment From Dermalex”

  1. Bradley says:

    Hello Hayley! I’m happy for you and also very excited that I’ve found your article and to try this treatment myself as I’ve been coping with psoriasis for a long time.

    I will be ordering very soon and I would like to ask you a few more questions if you don’t mind. I have a bit more spots than you and a bit bigger than the one in your photos. Did you use this on multiple spots on / around your arms? Or what that spot the only one that you’ve had? From what I understand from your article it only works for arms area spots. Do you still use this treatment and did you have any regression? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

  2. Hayley Joeann says:

    Hi Bradley,
    I only had the one spot on my arm which I photographed. Did you see my blog post about my skin journey?I haven’t had body Psoriasis for along time as I had UV light treatment which was incredible. I randomly had that one spot appear on my arm and Dermalex got rid of it. I haven’t used the product since as it’s not come back, it completely vanished.
    I am just left with scalp Psoriasis now… hopefully I find something for that now.

    Ive got a bad batch of eczema right now so might give the Dermalex Eczema cream a go! Hope you get on with it well and that it helps with your Psoriasis. xx

  3. Arthur Lambert says:

    Hi Hayley.

    I have a very similar patch on my arm. It started as a result a wound that did not heel properly and has been red and sore for a few months now. I bought the cream today and i have been looking at reviews of the product. I have started using it and wanted to ask if when you first applied it, would you find it started to heel more irritated for a few minutes after application?

  4. Hayley Joeann says:

    It’s been awhile but I do remember it stinging slightly as mine was basically an open wound I’d itched it so much. I carried on with it and it did work! Hopefully it’s successful for you!

  5. Anonymous says:

    thank you for the advise. Did you find any other helpful tricks and tips? Im open to any suggestions as i tried the UVlight and had no luck.

  6. Hayley Joeann says:

    Such a shame UV didn’t work for you. For me the best thing was UV, but alongside that I changed my diet to be super healthy with lots of water everyday, kept my skin moist by moisturising twice a day and staying away from chemicals. Dermalex was the best cream by far for me. Better than doctor prescribed. My advise would be to try as much as you can through the doctor ( I got a monthly nhs payment card which was £10 a month because it was expensive to keeping buying prescriptions)

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