December 1, 2017

Minimal Overnight Essentials

Who’d have thought I’d even know how to pack minimal overnight essentials.

I am far from the type of person you’d consider to be a ‘light packer’. Packing light when I used to own so much stuff was so difficult.

Now that I am now clearing out my life (in all areas) I am more about quality over quantity. This is making light packer far easier.

I spend quite a few weekends away from my home now because I stay with my boyfriend. Yes, you heard me, boyfriend. I met someone wonderful who makes me wish the weekdays away so I can spend the weekend with him. When I go and stay with him, it’s ideal to pack light so I am really working on my ‘light packing’ skills. It’s also a bit embarrassing to turn up anywhere that isn’t an airport or hotel with a small suitcase.

Clothes is kind of easy, you can plan ahead (although I do hate doing that). Lay it all out on your bed, pick your shoes and then pack. Simple (she says). It’s the other stuff I am struggling with. Beauty products, life stuff and accessories are filling up my overnight bag. I wanted to share with you my absolute essentials for an overnight stay. My “I can’t do a night without” beauty products, life stuff and accessories. Life stuff is a category, right?

Beauty products


Moisturisers are the most essential part of my skincare routine. My skin is like a desert without them. I am enjoying using these small No.7 Perfect and Protect creams which I received a year ago as a gift but have only just opened (I am terrible like that, especially if it’s in pretty packaging I will keep it in the box for as long as possible). They are a really hydrating and light cream. These are small ‘testers’ but from what I can see the full sized products aren’t much bigger so they will still be small and light to pack when I finally upgrade to the full size.

Make up remover is a tough one. I love balm cleansers with a cloth but that’s quite a lot of effort to take away with you. What are you meant to do with a wet cloth at someone else house and how are you meant to pack it to come home? My rule is that balm cleansers and cloths are for home (sometimes I take it away if it’s practical) and micellar water is for traveling. I sometimes use make up remover wipes when I am drunk or hungover – so easy to use once I’ve had too many gins. They’re not great for my sensitive skin so I don’t opt for them normally.

My basic make up bag comes everywhere to me. It lives in my handbag. Foundation, powder, liquid eyeliner and mascara. Sometimes I might throw in a bronzer, blusher or highlighter but not if I am really trying to keep it simple. I really like those extra products in my make up look but I’ve got to be brutal with my basics. Otherwise they’re not basics, right?

Life stuff

General medication is a must. I need antihistamines and headache tablets because I am what my mother likes to call, her problem child. My allergies to food/products/general oxygen (I kid, I kid) can hit me out of no where sometimes so it’s good to be prepared. I also carry with me some Kalms tablets because you never know.

I try so hard to time my hair washing days not to be when I am staying at someone’s house because it’s a huge hassle to bring my hairdryer and curler. Sometimes these things just can’t be avoided and I have to have the awkwardly full bag of these items and even more awkwardly prop myself up somewhere infront of a mirror with a plug. Why don’t boys ever have mirrors near plugs in their bedrooms?


I wear the same accessories daily. A ring on my left middle finger, a ring on my right middle finger and my third ring is always on my right thumb. I also wear 3 sterling silver bracelets on my right wrist and my Daniel Wellington watch on my left paired with a black bracelet that matches with one my boyfriend has. I am a soppy bugger, don’t judge me. I’m always changing up earrings and necklaces so I often pack a couple of small options for when I go away. I always think about my packed outfits but sometimes I throw in a couple of my usual favourites – just because.

With it being so cold at the moment a bobble hat is a much needed accessory. I often go with my ‘go’s with everything’ black knitted bobble hat. I bought this from Topshop forever ago and it’s still going strong.

And with that, minimal overnight essentials packing is successful. Hooray. I still get the odd feeling of disappointment on some days when I don’t wake up at home and wish I was wearing a certain jumper I didn’t pack, but I have to suck it up and wear what I’ve got. The lighter my bag is the better.

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