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I finally have healthy, long hair. So, I want to share my tips on how to wash your hair less.

I’ve been trying to grow my hair long pretty much since birth but it’s just never happened for me. Too much bleach, too many hair colours and too many split ends always resulted in me losing a few inches and having to “start again”. The only thing I’ve done differently for the last few months is wash my hair less and all of a sudden my hair is long and healthy.

I’ve always wanted to wash my hair less but struggled.

I used to wash my hair every single day when I was in secondary school. It became greasy overnight and I felt gross whenever I woke up. As I got older I managed to brave the second day and I washed it every other day (which was a big deal for me!). But now, now I wash my hair every third day. Which is around about 2 times a week, sometimes 3 if I have somewhere nice to go. I am convinced that washing my hair less has made all the difference to the strength and the length of my hair (rhyming unintended).


For me it was finding the right time to brace the ‘extra day’ of not washing my hair. I didn’t really want to do it on the weekend when I had plans or in the working week. I felt like my hair looked really gross and I didn’t want anyone to see it! So with that, I decided to take the opportunity to add the extra day in when I was off sick from work. I didn’t need to wash my hair anyway, because I was stuck indoors. I’d definitely recommend the timing of when you have no plans (sick or time at home for Netflix binging!). It took atleast 2 weeks before my hair accepted it wasn’t getting washed so frequently. Sounds like a funny thing to say, “accepted”, but you’ll know what I mean if you are trying this. Soon enough my hair started to get greasy less quickly. It was learning fast.

Hair Styles

Whilst I was getting used to not washing my hair as much, I figured out the hairstyles that worked for me. Towards the hair wash day, having my hair up was a no go because of greasy roots. For me it was as simple as hair up when it was clean and hair down when it felt greasier. Easy.

The most important element to washing my hair less has been dry shampoo. But not just any type! I tried a few and quickly realised the difference in the brands, quality and quantity of dry shampoo in the bottle! Some bottles would last me a couple of days, others 2 weeks. My favourite and the one I’d recommend is Aussie Dry Shampoo and I rate all the scents they have. Aussie make a killer dry shampoo and it is my absolute favourite. Hardly any white “dust” as I like it call it, works like a frigging dream and leaves my hair smelling fresh. Without this dry shampoo I would not be able to make it through the week. I discovered this dry shampoo because of an impulse buy and I’d never buy another brand now. Don’t you love it when an impulse buy turns out well?

How To Wash Your Hair Less - Hayley Joeann

It took a couple of weeks to get the routine right and to mentally deal with washing my hair less but I got there. It’s tough to break a habit, we all know that. My hair is so healthy and I am so pleased I persisted through the greasy days. Letting the natural oils do their thing on my hair really made all the difference to the how healthy my felt. My hair now doesn’t get greasy as quickly and is as a whole, a lot less effort to deal with. Washing my hair is a less frequent task and it made me realise how much off a chore it really is. I find it really interesting to know how many times people wash their hair in a week, so let me know!





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