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A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Oxfordshire Bloggers to an event at Hotter Shoes, in Oxford, to see their Spring/Summer 2017 collection. I was really excited to attend this event because I am a huge lover of good quality shoes and having always shopped in Clarks, I was feeling ready to mix up my shoe shopping habits. Hotter is a brand of similar quality to Clarks, but one I have never bought from. I am not the sort of person who will buy shoes from Primark or Topshop because I always feel that they’re a waste of money as the quality is terrible and also because I am a half size and that means that nothing ever fits me in standard shoe shops.

I feel like Hotter Shoes have a reputation (just like Clarks) of being the place the older generation shop in. Hotter is really misunderstood because they have a lot of on trend shoes that suit all types of ages and styles. Boots, sandals, slip ons, you name it, they have it in a fashionable style!

I am an ankle boot person through and through. All year round, all outfits, all types. Therefore my favourite in the shop was of course, an ankle boot. The County Boot*. The 3 shades they had on display were gorgeous and I fell in love with them all. My favourite pair ended up being Truffle which is the beige shade. They’re a practical pair of shoes that I knew would go with so many of my outfits and a pair I’d get a lot of wear out of. Truffle is the kind of colour that’s very day to day and the type of ‘put on a go’ shoe that I like. The design is so subtly stylish and the brogue detailing for me, completes the look. I also fell in love with the burnt orange colour, Spice. Such a vibrant colour and I absolutely loved them. They’re a boot to base your outfit around and I regret leaving them behind if I am honest. Lets also take a moment to appreciate the navy pair called Blue River, I struggled to leave them behind too, I wanted them all. I’ve got ankle boot issues.

There were so many other shoes on display that were really beautiful, I started to get an emotional attachment to them all! Sienna Boots, Tourist Sandals (especially in yellow, wow!) and Sun Sandals (the Nickel Metallic and Truffle are to die for). Even the bags were amazing too, the Mille Bag (pictured above) was my favourite design. Simple and beautiful, especially in the colours Mango and Aquarmarine. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and choice of shoes and accessories in Hotter, it’s definitely a shop worth popping your head into. The customer service level in the Oxford shop is great and the ladies are incredibly nice, which makes it an all round great place to shop.

I had a really, really fun evening hanging out with bloggers and the wonderful staff at Hotter Shoes in Oxford. I had a bit of a shoe-education whilst at this event and it was really interesting to learn about the design and model of the shoes and how there is no glue holding the shoes together. No glue means that it doesn’t come apart or let water in which is something that is forever happening to me. Safe to say, I am a Hotter Shoes super fan now.
I am grateful to have been invited along to such a lovely event. Thank you to Hotter Shoes for being incredibly kind and generous in letting me go home with the County Boots in Truffle, they’ve barely left my feet since that night! They’re super comfortable and super stylish…it’s love.

Watch my little interview over on the Hotter Shoes Youtube Channel here.


* County Boots in Truffle were gifted but all thoughts and my crazy obsession with these boots are my own. Trust me.


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  1. July 15, 2017 / 7:34 am

    Stylish shoes with comfort built in. Every shoe made by Hotter has extra cushioning and more space for the toe so you won’t get that crunched-up feeling.

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