January 2, 2017

2017 New Year Resolutions

Before you worry, this is not a ‘new year, new me’ post. I’m perfectly happy with the person I am and I am not able to give myself a new personality or drastically change my life. I merely set myself up a few things I’d like to achieve this year. Light hearted, doable and things I wished I’d been doing all along.
Here are my 5 achievable new years resolutions…

1. I have joined a gym and my resolution is to stick at it. I have definitely put on a few pounds over the last few months. My weight is also a big part of my confidence and at the moment I don’t feel great about myself. My friends and family would say I am being silly but you know yourself, and I know I am not the weight I used to be (damn snacks). I also want to make the effort to be more healthy with my eating choices. It’s so easy to fall into the pattern of bringing home take out or cooking something not so good for you. For me, that’s down to laziness from when I get home from work – that has to change! I hope that’ll also have a positive effect on my skin too.
2. I want to spend more time with my friends and my family. Now that I am living closer to my mum, stepdad and friends – I want to see them more. I have a wonderful group of friends and family who I need/want/should spend more time with. I also have a couple of great friends who don’t mind jumping on a train or the motorway to come and hang out.
3. Standard resolution of anyone who has a blog, but I want to blog more. I love it and really enjoy sitting down to talk about things I am interested in but I have become very lazy with it and really unproductive with my spare time. I definitely won’t be forcing myself to sit and write if I don’t have anything to say but when I do have a topic in mind and I am chilling on the sofa thinking about it, I will get off my bum and go and write.
4. I want to do more things for me and hang out with people who are like minded. There’s a load of ‘blogger pals’ who I’d love to hang out with and I think that this year I will attempt to make that effort. Attempt being the key word because I can be super shy – making friends when you’re older is tough.
5. Cliche, but I want to explore more and do more things away more my laptop. I’m travelling quite a bit for work in 2017 but there’s only so much you see when you’re working. I can give full reports on my duty free purchases though!
What are your resolutions? I’d love to know!
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