My Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Makeover


The decorating of our new house has begun, slowly but surely. I am
the sort of person who gets an idea and needs to action and complete it
straight away, so the ‘slowly’ bit is slightly irritating my creative
juices.  My monochrome obsessive brain is
seeing this thing you called colour and I am so excited to start painting!

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is the best paint around. A paint
that covers everything and anything with no prepping is my kind of
paint. I’m far too busy (and slightly lazy) to sand and prep something
to paint. There’s nothing more ideal than a decoration task you can start and finish within a day.
The spare room was a blinding shade of dark
hot pink when we moved in, it had to go. I painted over it with a
standard one coat white paint which we had bought before we moved so
that I could instantly give myself a blank canvas to work with. I like
minimal (and monochrome) so I decided to keep 3 of the 4 walls white and
go with a Chalk Paint statement wall. Picking a colour was tough
because there are so many beautiful colours to choose from. I decided to
go with Antoinette because it’s a dusty pink that firstly, Brendan approves of and secondly, kind of gives it the girly feel my beauty room… I mean, the spare
room, should have.
painted with an Annie Sloan Wall Paint Brush, which took some time but it was
totally worth the finish it gave and the brush uses much less paint than a roller. I wanted to give something else a
little makeover in the room in Antoinette to bring it all together, so I
opted for my white ikea wicker drawers that were on the opposite side
of the room to my statement wall.All I did was dip the brush into the tin of paint and painted it on in all different directions, on all sides. I didn’t put too much thought into it and didn’t think about achieving a full coverage. I like how ‘shabby’ it looks and still seeing white under the pink, it’s turned out better than I thought!

A light coat of paint can change everything.
I am so pleased with the turn out. It’s given a complete makeover to the boring white Ikea drawers I had and it brings the colour Antoinette off the wall and into the room.
There’s more to do in the spare bedroom but I am loving the touch of dusty pink.

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  1. December 21, 2016 / 7:22 pm

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