The Ultimate Sunglasses With 20% Off…

I’ve been without sunglasses for quite some time. Since getting glasses a few months ago due to terrible eyesight, I’ve not been able to wear my sunglasses as they’re not prescription, which has been incredibly frustrating. I felt disappointed that I had all these lovely sunglasses sitting in a drawer, unwearable. I decided that I needed to get contact lenses and to celebrate them, a new pair of sunglasses.

As a Coconut Queen I am constantly browsing and offering out my 20% discount code: hayleyjoeann20 to those who are interested. When I knew I needed a new pair of sunglasses (needed, wanted… same thing) coconut lane was the first place I went to because I’d been eyeing up the gorgeous Luxe Miami Silver glasses for sometime.
For months all I’ve seen is glasses in this Miami style all over Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Every girl I consider to be stylish or have some kind of fashion envy towards had glasses like this, I’ve been obsessing. They’re so chic and a true statement piece, they make any outfit instantly improved because they’re a stylish accessory whether they’re on your head or on your eyes.  They’re fragile so it’s worth keeping them protected in a hard case like I do, I am so nervous I will break them because I adore them so much. I am so excited to be able to wear sunglasses again and these are my go to. I love the shape, style, material and the way they change up the most simple of outfits.
Sunglasses are the perfect summer accessory and these ones are incredible. Click here to view them on Coconut-Lane. Don’t forget to use my hayleyjoeann20 code for 20% off.

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