Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate Oil – A Magic Spot Remover?

When the opportunity to join in a Kiehl’s twitter chat arose a few weeks ago I was extremely excited. In the last year I’ve had a real interest in the brand and I had seen so many positive reviews online of so many products. But what truly influenced me to dip my toe in the Kiehl’s pool and make a purchase was when I went away with my mum and sister to Amsterdam, because in our Air BnB, my sister had a pot of Kiehl’s face cream. My sister isn’t into products like me (or our mum!) and I thought that if my sister buys Kiehl’s skincare, it must actually be good. Within a couple of weeks of being back from our trip, I’d already bought my first piece of Kiehl’s skincare. Ultra Facial Cream is my new favourite moisturiser, I absolutely love it (and I new to buy a new one!)

After the Kiehl’s Twitter chat I was contacted by them and asked if I’d like a couple of products to test, which of course, I jumped at the chance at. There are still many products I have yet to try and can’t wait to get my hands on. I am forever filling up my basket and then realising that I have just bought a house and can’t binge by skincare anymore. I don’t need to tell you guys that these thoughts are absolutely, 100%, nothing but my own. Because you already know I wouldn’t write about it if I didn’t love it.
Within the package I received was the Daily Reviving Concentrate Oil. Face oils are a product I am dubious about because they’re so slimy, so greasy and take so long to absorb into your skin. However this product doesn’t take what feels like a week to sink into your skin, within a matter of minutes my skin isn’t feeling greasy or slimy, it’s feeling smooth. It blew my mind at first because I thought “surely I am meant to have a greasy face?”. I’ve been using this product for about 3 weeks and my skin for sure is noticeable smoother and hydrated. The one area this product struggles to hydrate is around my nose, but I am forever battling with that part of my face and I am not sure why. In the areas of my face where I’d get black heads and rough skin, they have become smoother and less rough which can only happen for me with a good moisturiser. I can genuinely feel the difference in my skin and that my friends, is when I know I have a good skincare product.
I don’t get spots often, I am very lucky for that but once my hormones come out to play I will get 1, at a push 2. It may be small and unnoticeable or it may be huge and considered a mountain. Whilst in the 3 week trial of this product my skin decided to give me a mountain which I knew would be with me for awhile, so I thought. My spot healed a lot quicker than expect, I didn’t think that an oil could be the reason my spot healed so I didn’t think too much of it. But then my skin gave me another mountain and it healed equally as quick yet again. The first time I was convinced was a fluke but twice? It’s got to be down to my new skincare. Mind = Blown. I am going to use this product on all future spots to see if it is my miracle spot remover.
Now that I am confident about this product I have added it into my evening skincare routine, permanently. When trialing this product I used it in the morning and evening, however I just prefer to now save the oil for the evening. I like to massage it into my face as my last step and allow it sink in and just be there overnight with no make up on top. It works well as a morning product if you have plenty of time to allow it to sink in and then do your make up. This isn’t a skincare product you can slap on and go with if you’re in a rush. You need to wait a minimum of 10-15 minutes before you can even consider starting your make up. That can be nice for a pamper morning but probably not a Monday morning…
I am a big fan of this Daily Reviving Concentrate Oil** and I want to thank Kiehl’s for bringing it into my life and my skincare routine. It’s not often I fall completely in love with a product or find something that actually makes a change to my skin. 
I am still on a trial with 2 other products so watch this space….
What’s your favourite Kiehl’s product and why?

** 2 stars means that I was gifted this product by a brand. Please read my disclaimer.


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