Make Up Masterclass With Yasmin Christina

Last week Yasmin Christina Make Up was kind enough to invite me to her Make Up Masterclass. If you know me, you’ll know I am beauty obsessed but am terrible with it comes to creating the perfect smokey eye or the ultimate brows. I am useless at going outside my comfort zone with make up, yet I buy so much of it! I went along to this masterclass in hope I’d pick up some hint and tips and that I’d learn how to create the perfect smokey eye, and I did! I feel like I came away from that evening with the right skills to create a glam smokey eye look, not as well as a make up artist, but a girl can only try, right? As Yasmin and a fellow make up artist created two different make up looks on their model, they talked us all through the products they were using, why they were using them and how to use it. 2 hours talking about make up was my idea of heaven.

“Brows are sisters, not twins” is a saying that has stuck in my mind since I first started watching YouTube make up tutorials. “Blend is your friend” is now my new favourite saying. I quickly learnt where I was going wrong with eyeshadow, I wasn’t blending enough and I wasn’t building up the product – I was wiping it all on my eye and hoping for the best. I like quick results but creating an eyeshadow look takes time, patience and a hell of a lot of blending. I can only wish that I was as clued up and skilled as a make up artist. Wouldn’t life be great to have amazing make up everyday, eh? Thanks to that evening I picked up a few tips and tricks I need to add into my routine. I have already perfected flawless foundation without a beauty blender, in fact my beauty blender is now in the bin! It was drinking my foundation and never felt clean, I was advised to use a brush and now my foundation has never looked better!

I have to say that spending a bit of time with a make up artist really shone a light on the small things I do wrong in my routine, that make a huge difference to the end result. If you ever get the chance to spend some quality time with a make up artist, make sure you ask as much as you can because you’ll learnt something! Yasmin knows that she will be hearing from me with makeup questions because even though I left the evening event feeling fully informed, it’s a matter of time before I need her advice again.
A lot of Mac products were used in the evening and I can only dream of having the make up bag of a make up artist. Yasmin did my brows at the end with a beautiful Mac product that I may have gone home and ordered… Watch this space! Check out Yasmin’s Instagram and Facebook page because she’s super talented, a really lovely girl and I’d like her to live in my make up bag.

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  1. June 13, 2016 / 12:54 am

    This looks like a lot of fun! It sounds like a dream to spend time with a pro and learn some new tricks for your makeup routine.

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