May 13, 2016

My Favourite Smoothie Recipe

I certainly don’t want to tempt fate but I think Summer might be
here, almost. The warmer and sunnier weather makes me feel so positive,
productive and happy. Every patch of green grass on the weekend is full
of people relaxing in the sun with their friends and a full picnic
basket. It’s the weather for ice lollies and smoothies so I wanted to share my new favourite smoothie receipe. Now, it’s not ground breaking so
apologies if you already know the amazing taste of this smoothie but I
needed to share…

All you need is:
A blender
2 bananas 
Approx 5 strawberries (a handful is perfect)
Soya Milk
certainly not precise with measurements and I don’t even cut anything
up! I use my Breville Smoothie Maker which fits all the ingredients in one bottle
of smoothie maker bottles. I break the bananas up into chunks, pull the green
leaves off the strawberries and poor Soya milk in on top, to fill 3/4 of the
Breville bottle.  After giving it a minute or two of whizzing the smoothie maker the smoothie is good to go. I told you it wasn’t ground breaking. I like to pour this into my cute milk bottle from Ikea, add a strawberry on top and a straw. A pink one, obviously.

am in love with this smoothie and obsessed with the taste of Soya milk
in smoothies in general. It seems to make my smoothies feel less stodgy, more liquefied and generally just yummier. I’ve recently moved onto Soya milk from
normal milk as my IBS decided to take a disliking to milk overnight. I
still might have a drop of milk in tea but I prefer not to drink tea
anymore because of the milk…
Soya milk and tea just don’t match well for my taste buds. Good job it’s smoothie weather!
Any recipes you think I should try? Let me know in the comments.
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