My Favourite Instagram Accounts

Instagram is a place where obsessions grow. Obsessions over beauty products, the latest trends, even people. I have been browsing Instagram far more than I have been posting on it lately as I am getting lost in certain accounts by atleast 100 weeks, perhaps I should get out more? Nah, it’s so easily done and I definitely am not the only one who does this (I hope). My favourite Instagrammers (is this word in the dictionary yet?) never really changes, it only grows so I thought I’d do an updated post on this so that you can see who I think is worth getting deep into 100+ weeks with.
 Emily Valentines Parr @stylelobster

I am fan girling over Emily at the moment and her Instagram account is one to be envious of. She takes a damn good picture and is so pretty it genuinely makes my eyes hurt. Her Snapchat has also caught my attention recently and it has only made me like this blogger/vlogger more as she’s incredibly funny. You know when you see/hear someone and you just think “you’re my kind of person” – she is that. I am a difficult one to produce a genuine laugh out of but she does it within a 10 second snapchat. Her blog is full of great content, her Instagram feed is a mix of all things I love and her YouTube Channel is so so good to watch.
 Lydia Elise Millen @lydiamillen 
If you don’t know who Lydia is then where have you been? Lydia is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who not only has an Instagram feed to be envious of but also a body, hair and face to be envious of too. I have followed Lydia on social media for so long and really enjoyed reading her blog. She gives me the motivation to go to the gym also inspires me to work hard to own as many amazing handbags as she does. Her YouTube account is well worth subscribing too because her super nice and adorable personality comes out through her videos. She’s a Buckinghamshire girl like myself and I await the day I see her in MK and give her an awkward wave. Fan girl alert.
 Zita Atkinson @zitaatkinson
I need to know what foundation and skincare Zita uses ASAP because this UK blogger has incredibly flawless skin in every photo. I absolutely love her outfit shots on her blog and Instagram, they are always so well taken and she dresses exactly in my kind of style. Simple and minimal. I thoroughly enjoy reading her blog and Zita often appears in my weekly Friday Favourites on Twitter. She comes across as someone who you know you’d get on well with. Super nice and seems so so friendly online. Her blog is blog goals and it’s a go to read for me. Just waiting for her to start a YouTube now….
Jodie Porteous – @just_jodes
Meet the most smiley and friendly girl on YouTube. In my opinion, she’s an up and coming Zoella. Her videos are great fun to watch and she comes across as the sort of person who would be a friend to everyone. Her Instagram, YouTube and blog are full of beauty, beauty and more beauty. Which is why I like her so much! Although she does not help my bank balance with all these products I keep hearing about through her videos. She is cute as a button, so so pretty and incredibly down to earth. One of my top favourites YouTubes and Instagram accounts to follow – so I suggest you check her out!


  1. April 22, 2016 / 6:45 am

    Hayley this is so lovely!! Thank you so much!! I will do an updated makeup haul just for you soon, not sure on the YouTube though! Ha! X

    Zita Jane | Twenty Four

  2. April 22, 2016 / 7:50 am

    You're welcome! And yes please!! I keep meaning to ask you about foundations but an updated blog post would be great 🙂 xx

  3. April 22, 2016 / 7:51 am

    You're welcome 🙂 thanks for reading!! Xxx

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