March 30, 2016

5 Reasons I Love Bloglovin’

I have only really started to understand how to use Bloglovin, says the blogging Grandma over here. I often tried to force myself to log in and use it but I found it confusing and “easier” to just remember all my favourite blogs. Frankly, there’s nothing easy amount trying to remember multiple blog names and addresses and I am not sure what I was thinking trying to do this. You can follow me on Bloglovin’ here. I am really starting to get the hang of it and use it daily

I am now lovin’ bloglovin’ (see what I did there?…) and I thought I’d share my top 5 reasons!

It filters out the rubbish.
I used to look at blogs either through memory of website addresses or through Twitter. There is alot of junk on Twitter, lots of retweets you don’t care for and hate to say it, even blogs you don’t care for because they don’t feed you the information you want and need. I don’t often sit down to properly read blogs but when I did, I would spend a lot of my time merely just looking for something to read. In Bloglovin you just scroll through your feed of bloggers you’ve chosen to follow and the options of an afternoons read is right there. Title, picture and only a click away from the text!
You can save the posts for a later date
This is a genius part of Bloglovin. You can save the posts you read for a later date which is ideal for make up looks I might want to recreate or yummy snacks I may want to bake. Goodbye book marking on Firefox, I can save all the posts I want to read again in a place where I will actually be able to find them again.
Finding new blogs
With the ‘Find Blogs’ tab on the website, finding new bloggers to fall in love with has never been easier. Twitter used to be my main source to finding new favourites but now it’s all about this tab on You see their name, their amount of followers (not that this means anything to me) and a couple of their photos. The photos are the reason I would click and eventually follow although you’re not meant to judge a book by its cover and all that… we all love good photos.
There’s a shop
Bloglovin hit the nail on the head with this tab. I think it’s a brilliant idea to have the option of shopping fashion and beauty trends in a place that we all spend our time looking at them, blogs. I spent a lot of time mentally purchasing shoes and make up in the bloglovin’ shop, it’s an enjoyable past time and highly addictive.
You can explore
If you’re looking for a post on DIY, a review on a certain product or even some fitness information you can explore the categories to find exactly what you’re looking. You don’t have to stick with the blogs you know and love and only rely on their view, you can discover new blogs, new opinions and new things to learn. I love scrolling through the categories to discover posts on topics I hadn’t even thought about thinking about… if that makes sense. Go and explore, you’ll know what I mean.
Let me know in the comments what you love about Bloglovin and send me your links so we can be bloglovin pals.
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3 responses to “5 Reasons I Love Bloglovin’”

  1. Katie Frost says:

    Great post! I'm just getting to grips with Bloglovin, Pinterest had always been my 'go-to' but like you say – you do tend to get a lot of crap!

  2. There's still so much to learn! I find it really hard to gain followers on it. But I really enjoy finding new bloggers 🙂 and don't even get me started on Pinterest! I get lost for hours in it!!! Haha xx

  3. Silvia says:

    Hi Hayley, I just found your blog through twitter and I'm catching up with your old posts 🙂 I love bloglovin too, though you have given me more some tips I didn't know before, like the Explore button and the shop which I've never looked at (my fault!). I like it because, just as you said, it's the easiest way to know when your favourite blogs have posted something new, I never miss anything with bloglovin, while If I checked every single blog each day it would take me ages and I would lose time. Getting bloglovin and the bloglovin button is one of the first tips that I'd give to a new blogger…for me is essential if someone wants me to go back to his/her blog. Have a good day!


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