Before you think this is going to be a “new year new me” blog post, let me assure you it won’t be. If you want to become a new version of yourself then you don’t need the 1st January to do that. All that new year new me BS isn’t for me.
I’ve got resolutions that aren’t “get fit”, “grow my hair” or “get a boyfriend”. Although to be honest, my hair needs to grow for my wedding.  
Saving money for the wedding
I’m getting married in 2017 so 2016 is a full 12 months of saving hard. I may have to cut down on the make up purhases but it’s all for our dream day. Ill even need to control myself when I’m in doing the food shop because I love Tesco clothing!

Up my blogging game
I’ve not got follower goals (nothing more annoying than people who have that) but I’ve got content goals. I’ve seriously enjoyed Blogmas so I definitely want to keep it up. Perhaps not everyday because I do work full time by every other day is possible. I’ve really enjoyed chatting to new people and writing about things that interest me. I didn’t keep totally on the typical Blogmas path, I enjoyed putting my own twist on it.
Think about buying a house
This also means saving more money to fund a mortgage, getting better managed with my outgoings and trying to progress with in my role to better myself and get a career that’ll fund a house for my future husband and our babies (one day…).
And that’s it! 3 things that I am focusing on for 2016. I will also be getting back into the gym…. Typical.
What are your resolutions? 

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