December 10, 2015

My Christmas Traditions // Blogmas

There is something so comforting about repeating the same actions year on year, for any occasion. You may have the same meal on each birthday or visit the same location on an anniversary. But the ultimate traditions are the ones you have at Christmas because they start from a very young age. 
Only slightly have my Christmas traditions changed since I was born (Christmas day was the day after…) and that is the the male face around our Christmas tree. My mum, my sister and I are now joined for the second year by Brendan, my fiance. But the rest of our traditions still stand yet we are making new ones with him.
It’s my entire Christmas day routine that is a tradition, with only minor tweaks as I’ve grown up.
Waking up in our family home
I’ve been lucky enough to grow up in the same house and still have the luxury of going back even after moving out. I love the fact I’ve celebrated Christmas in the same house for the last 24 years, that’s really special to me. I know one day I will have to wake up in my own house, but I’m not ready for that just yet.
Opening my Christmas stocking
My mum still gives us a Christmas stocking every year, it’s progressed from toys to chocolate and nail varnishes (with the odd toy for fun). The first thing I do when I wake up is empty the stocking out on the bed and see what cuteness my mum has put together. The second thing I do is wake my sister up, however this has also changed. She’d kill me now if I woke her up at 7.30am so I either send my mum in or drop her a text to inform her it is infact Christmas day and she should wake the hell up!
Cuddles with my mum
This has slightly changed now that we have Brendan in our family, I now tend to get up and go in search of my Mum for a Merry Christmas cuddle. Before Brendan, my mum would always know when I was opening my stocking and she’d make an appearance in my room. Maybe it was all the “ooooh” or “yayyyy!” comments on every stocking filler that let her know I was awake. We’d have a little cuddle on my bed and say Merry Christmas whilst I show her what’s in my stocking, even though she bought it all…
Breakfast together
As my sister and I have gotten older, our breakfasts have become nicer. In recent years we’ve moved on from coco pops to having scrambled eggs and salmon for our Christmas morning breakfast, which is always tastes so festive and good. We’d all eat breakfast in the living room together, gazing at the tree in excitement. I was the one that probably did all the gazing to be honest.
Opening Presents
We’d wait till we were all sat around on the sofa and floor in our pjs with big cups of tea before we started dishing out the presents under the tree. Brendan, myself and my sister always arrive with presents in bags on Christmas eve which we put under the tree ready for Christmas day. My mum always has the spot by the fireplace where she’s near the tree to dish out all the presents. She’d hand them out and we’d start a flowing circle of opening a one gift one after eachother. It’s a nice way to see what everyone gets and to thank whoever bought it for them before moving on to the next. I like doing it this way because I feel like there’s a chance for a conversation about the gift and time for a big thank you.
Getting Dressed
After cleaning up all the wrapping paper we all head off in our directions to get dressed and ready for the day. I will happily offer the shower to everyone else first so I get more time to remain in my Christmas PJs. We get ready in our outfits for the day, not always a Christmas jumper but there will definitely be one floating about the house. I like doing nicer make up on Christmas, especially if Santa brings me a new palette or lipstick.
Christmas Lunch
My mum makes an incredible roast dinner and a super incredible Christmas dinner. We lend a hand where possible but about this time it’s gone noon so we’ve all got a beer in hand and a game on the go. Last year my sister, Brendan and I were engrossed in Cards Against Humanity for hours. We then all have dinner together and enjoy the food and company. Last year we actually got my mum involved in Cards Against Humanity and she was pretty darn good at being crude and won a few rounds! This year I believe my sister’s boyfriend is being added to the mix, he’s really funny so I will definitely be packing the card game to take back with us this year.
Afternoon Fun
After Christmas lunch is tidied away we all lay around the living room rubbing our full bellies and watching a bit of Christmas TV. We have our extended family come down to see us for cheese and biscuits which is always lovely. We swap presents and talk about the day. Despite the fact we’ve got extra family, we’ve always kept the morning and lunch just us girls (and Brendan) and spent the rest of the day with family. I really enjoyed the chilled time where we just spend time with eachother and watch some festive movies in to the night.
I love the Christmas routine my family and I have, it makes Christmas feel like Christmas to me. In all honesty, it makes me so sad to think that one Christmas someone will break the tradition and something will be different. I know people grow up and things change but this is a 24 year old tradition for me, means a lot.
 What are your traditions and how do you spend your Christmas? 
Let me know in the comments.

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