December 9, 2015

The Best Christmas Films (With A Twist) // Blogmas

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One of the best aspects of Christmas is the films that you can watch judgement free. I say judgement free because you should see the look on my fiance’s face to me watching a Christmas film in the Summer months… 
My top 5 Christmas films to watch.
Love Actually
What a film. With so many different storylines within the film there’s no reason to get bored. It’s romantic, it’s funny and it’s emotional so I feel it ticks all the boxes that make a great film. It’s old school and some of the actors and actresses have majorly evolved in their careers and I love watching this film knowing how far they’ve come. 
The Holiday
Most people say Love Actually is their favourite Christmas romantic film but for me it’s all about The Holiday. It’s a great storyline of paths being crossed and love blossoming in the festive period. It’s a really funny and interesting film, I even find myself thinking of it and referencing it through the year. If that’s not enough to make you watch it, Jude Law is in it which is a great selling point.
How The Grinch Stole Christmas
I love love love The Grinch. It’s so incredibly festive and decorative which makes it so amazing to watch. The set is just absolutely incredible and their little noses makes it Christmas for me. Can you even believe that Cindy is Taylor Monsen? Crazy. The Grinch is so cute and so festive that it’ll definitely get you ready for Christmas.
Die Hard
Die Hard DOES count as a Christmas film because I googled it. I am majorly in love with Bruce Willis and have been for many a year. Die Hard is based at Christmas and there’s a festive joke or two. It’s a kickass festive film that everyone should circle in their TV guide. If you’ve not seen it before, watch it!
The Goonies
Ok, so The Goonies isn’t festive or anything to do with Christmas but it used to always be on the TV at Christmas. I used to watch it every year with my Dad and I even had it on DVD (I say ‘had’ because I swapped DVDs with a lady at the gym and then I quit…oops…must re-purchase). It’s just something that defines Christmas for me and generally, I just LOVE the film. 
I recommend this if you need a non festive Christmas film. 
What films do you enjoy at Christmas? Festive and non festive! Let me know in the comments. 
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