Gift Ideas For Her (Or You) // Blogmas Day Six

I’ve put together the flip side of Blogmas Day Five with creating a more realistic gift guide which works in two ways. One way is that it gives the men in our lives a remote idea of what women like but it also works as good inspiration for the women out there who have no idea what they’d like for Christmas. It’s so hard to decide what you’d like for Christmas and I am sure we are all experiencing the multiple text messages and phone calls from our loved ones saying “what can I get you for Christmas, you still haven’t told me, what do you want?!”. The older we get the harder is becomes to decide because we want less. We are growing up which means we don’t want a baby born or some Playdoh and that handbag we’ve been obsessing over in Topshop we’ve already purchased because we are independent women! This leaves us in a difficult place each festive season.
The items I’ve picked are mid to expensive price ranges because each person and family work differently. I know in my family my Mum every year gets us one main (a more pricey) gift and little (on the cheap side) bits to go with it because we like to avoid buying too much small stuff that will just end up in a charity shop. Some bits on this post I have actually asked for myself others are just some great ideas.
Coats can be quite expensive if you’re looking for great quality and style. I absolutely love this coat from River Island, it didn’t quite make it onto my own personal list but I love it nevertheless. Asking for a coat for Christmas is a great idea as it is something we all need but don’t always want to splash out on ourselves. This coat is on the pricey side of £75 but you don’t have to go with this exact one (even though it’s amazing), and if you do want an expensive coat why not make it a main present to ask for.

Make up sets I think are an ideal gift at Christmas. We all buy make up throughout the year but a little gift set just makes it more special. If you base a gift set around a product that you like, it also gives you the opportunity to try other pieces of make up you may not have tried before. It’s a great way to discover and fall in love with new products. I really like Benefit make up and this gift set is super cute. It’s worth the money of £25 with the products you get, the packaging and the helpful guide of how to use the products.
You can never have enough make up brushes, I say! I have added these onto my Christmas list this year because I need a bit of a refresh with my brushes. I think Real Techniques are great brushes to use and they don’t break the bank in comparison to others. These are a great highstreet buy and a gift you can’t go wrong with. If you’re a make up fan, these are right up your street.
This watch is on my list and I know that it is actually in my flat somewhere, as my fiancé bought it for me. I’m so excited to receive this as I’ve wanted a black strapped watch for so long and Daniel Wellington is a watch brand I love. It makes a great main present and this one is for my birthday which is on Christmas Eve. Prices vary on different websites and I’d suggest Amazon for the cheapest. A watch makes a great main gift and it’s something you’ll keep for years and use daily. Money well spent. 
I’ve been after a contour kit for quite sometime. I did some research into this cream contour kit and really liked all that I read. Christmas is a great opportunity to ask for a more expensive piece of make up that you may not necessarily buy for yourself. I would definitely make sure it’s something you’ve researched and decided that you definitely love. Everyone wants at least one piece of high end make up, so why not ask for a piece for Christmas!
A gift that is an ideally Christmas Eve present is some Christmas PJs. I love feeling of crisp and fresh PJs on Christmas Eve, I mean what else would you wear to bed other than Christmas PJs! A lot of families have the tradition of one gift on Christmas Eve so if that’s you, Christmas PJs would be ideal. There are so many great sets around but I adore these ones from Tesco.
Why not ask for an evening dress. The featured dress was on my wishlist from Tesco because I absolutely love it. It’s different with the fabrics and the colour, compared to other pieces in my wardrobe. A nice dress for Christmas would make a lovely gift, go for something special that you wouldn’t have bought yourself. That’s what I think Christmas gifts are all about, being bought something that you’d not necessarily buy yourself.
Boots are ideal for the winter season and the cold months of the early next year. Chelsea boots are on the pricey side so they make a great main gift. Boots are a majorly practical present and something that you’ll get great wear out of for a long time. Gifts that have a continuous use are ideal because it’s money well spent and a gift well received.
Perfume is something I don’t often buy myself. There is something quite romantic about perfume as a gift so this is definitely one of the men in our lives to purchase. Perfume (as long as it’s the right scent) is an everyday use gift that will last a long time. My favourite perfume is Chance by Chanel – it’s my signature smell.
Ghd Set.
Now this is a definite main present as it’s over £100. I had Ghd straighteners for my birthday gift last year and I absolutely love them. Before that, I had the same pair of Ghd straighteners for 5 years which shows how long term this gift is. If you’re a fan of perfectly straight hair and keeping your hair healthy when doing so, Ghd straighteners are the way to go. A set as well gives it that little bit extra and is the chance to use some other Ghd products.

Have you decided what you want for Christmas? Let me know in the comments, would love to hear what you’re lusting over.


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