August 22, 2015

How I get soft & shiny hair // Product review

Not to toot my own horn but my hair is in amazing condition at the moment. Which is great considering it has had many years of changing every colour of a Dulex palette. I often get a compliment about how soft my hair is and how shiny it looks which makes me feel pretty darn good. Who doesn’t love a good compliment?
 The products are 4 different brands that all bring something different to the table… I mean… my hair. I  adore my hair care routine and it is working wonders to maintain healthy hair.

The first step of my hair care routine is the Shampoo is called Fairly Traded Honey by Lush and I absolutely swear by this shampoo. I use it as a daily shampoo (every other day that is…) and also as a treatment shampoo for my scalp Psoriasis. The formula is thick like honey but the smell is only faint. When I first started using this shampoo over a year ago I went a bit overboard with how much I put on my hair – you only need the smallest amount for a light lather. This shampoo is incredible for my scalp Psoriasis and I genuinely think doctor should prescribe it! It soothes my itching, moistures the dry patches and leaves my hair squeaky clean.

The shampoo can leave my hair a tad knotty but never fear, I have found the perfect conditioner to untie those knots. Loreal Elvive Colour Protect Caring Conditioner is the best conditioner I have ever had. And even though I dabble in others, I always go back to what I know and love. This conditioner maintains colour, which is fab for my blonde hair, protects the hair, which is what I need from all the blow drying and straightening and prolongs colour radiance which keeps my hair shiny. This conditioner is unbelievable. It softens my hair after my honey shampoo, works as a treatment for any brittle ends and also works wonders on the horrid feeling my hair has after I have been swimming – chlorine can be damaging. Elvive is the greatest second step for my hair for so many reasons.
The third step is the Argan Oil of Morocco Oil. This soften and strengthens my hair and soothes the cuticles after towel drying. You’re meant to use a pea size but I use about the size of 5 peas. I rub my hands together and use one hand on each side of my hair, half way down my hair and right to the ends. It’s important to avoid the roots and top of your head as your hair can look greasy once blow dried.  I let it set on my hair for a few minutes while I either make a cup of tea or pick out the days outfit (or lets be honest, look through twitter) before I brush through and move on to the final step.
The final step before blow drying for my shiny and soft hair is V05 Nourish My Shine Heat Defense Spray. This product is a very recent addition in comparison to my long standing love for my shampoo but it’s a key factor to making my hair the condition it is. This product makes blow drying my hair a lot easier and the results are amazing. The first time I used this on my hair I was literally like ‘oh my god, my hair’. As my hair started to dry I felt how soft my hair was becoming and I felt like I had just had a professional blow dry. The formula is super weird and it separates the from clear and pink so I always shake it up before using. 
These 4 products are firmly in my hair care routine and I have no plan on changing anytime soon. For the day in between washing my hair where I use a little bit of dry shampoo, I reuse the V05 heat defense spray if I need to run my straighteners through to iron out the bed hair. 
I feel I have a great system that works on keeping my blonde (dyed) hair nourished and
soft. I love having the professional blow dry feeling everytime I dry my
hair. If you have a favourite hair care product then let me know, it’s always interesting to see what works for others.

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  2. sarah says:

    hi im interested to know if you still stick to this hair product routine? and if not; what is it now?

  3. Hayley Joeann says:

    I use a different shampoo now, by Aveeno. Same conditioner and same heat protector. Don’t use the oil much anymore I’ll use a cream or something else 🙂 I can do an updated blog post if you’d like?

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